Women physicians

I was pleased that she would go to Ar, where she, though a woman, might learn the craft of medicine under the masters appointed by Kazrak. Priest Kings of
Gor page 306
A notable exception to the generalization that woman of a Caste normally do not engage in Caste work is the Caste of Physicians, whose women are
commonly trained, as are the boys, in the practice of medicine. Even the Physicians however, normally do not admit their women to full practice until they have
borne two children. Fighting Slave of Gor, page 210

The women of the Physicians, at the age of fifteen, in many cities, wear two bracelets on her left wrist. When has one child one bracelet is removed; when
she has a second child the second bracelet is removed. She may then, if she desires, enter into the full practice of her craft. Fighting Slave of Gor, page 210

Physician's pay

When the Physician had finished the cleansing, chemical sterilization and dressing of the merchants wounds, he left. With him the majority of the watchers
withdrew as well. The Scribe had paid the Physician from a small iron box, taken from a locked trunk, a tarsk bit. Beasts of Gor page 104

"Thurnock" I said, "give this Physician a double tarn of gold." Marauders of Gor page 19

There waiting for him, was a goblet of paga, doubtless a gratuity for the loan of his expertise. Too he would doubtless have his choice of Hendows women
this night." Dancer of Gor, page 187
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Caste of Physicians
Female Physicians & Physicians's Payments
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