There is  few basic rules to use when writing or working out a dance, the first I would say is, it has to come from the heart, even if it isn't
the dance you originally wished to do, you must understand the dance then picture it, your  emotions, thoughts and actions shall be
painted by you to reach your Master.

There are a few standard  rules for dances, which make it pleasant for the people to watch, assuring you  will not lose their attention, first
rule is keep it flowing, make sure the  moves are plausible and possible R/T, paint a vivid picture, no undescribed  moves, details are
important, not repeating the same words over and over again  even more so. I also suggest using different tense verbs, (using ing and  
present simultaneously) to make a flowing dance. Make sure to use a thesaurus if  needed.

In a dance its good to  have from ten paragraphs up to twelve and fourteen, eight is often used in  contests, but I find it's hard to form,
build and have a climax in only eight  posts, but you must be ready to do so. Six to eight lines in a post is good,  make sure to keep it
around that, too short or too long is not ideal. This is  not a dance class but a peek into what a you might do.

On a side note, some  dances the girls did climax, yield, release or which ever the word, but not all.  Not all dances need to be
sluttish, and before dancing such a dance, it's good to  have a Master's permission, I strongly suggest that kajirae have some  that
are hot enough to have a Master drag her to His quarters and some dances  that could be danced forfree woman. But, that is my
own point of view, and in each dance, even with free woman present, a slave is a slave, slaves are expected to have slave fires and
thus have sensual erotic dances, just not always necessary to elaborate on a girls juices throughout.

This is a compilation of  book dances, presenting a shortened version, and each dance  having a link to a quote from the books, I
owe thanks to beloved raine{DBx} for this well made script and links.

Pole  Dance
Pole represents Master, girl needs  to please the Pole, a girl would make love to it, fight it but in the end, the  Pole would win and
she would dance her submission to it, fully and  uncompromisingly.

Whip Dance

Girls dances to the threat of the whip (rarely is a girl lashed though),  girl does react to the snap of the whip as if struck, in climax
she would submit  fully to the Master holding the whip.

A Port Cos Slave's Whip Dance

Most whip dances resemble one  another. As with most all of this sort is, the threat of the whip, typically a  girl would flee and fight
the Master or the whip, then as her needs overtakes  her pride, would dance her heat, in climax a girl would submit to the One  
holding the whip. In the end in this particular dance, the Master coils the whip  about her neck and brings her to a table with rowdy
sailors who would use her  for their pleasure.

Punishment Whip Dance
A girl dances naked to the whip, presumably without music, a girl is  expected to move, writhe and twist seductively before strong
men. If she does  not maddeningly sensuous, the whips falls nor besides her but on her. When a man  finally asks for her, she would
go and please Him. He has to be well satisfied  or again she would feel the whip, she would then resume the dance till all the  
Masters have been pleased or that they tire of the sport.

A Chain Dance

Starting heavily hooded, seemingly trying to evade capture. A Warrior  would appear, after much useless fleeing, she is captured.
She would plead her  freedom, but her hood brushed aside by her Captor. He collars her, then left  with approximately twenty feet of
chain, a girl rebels furiously to having been  collared. Fighting the chain as the warrior brings her in closer, some phases  longer then
the other till she is in his grasp as she submits fully to her  Masters kiss.
A girl is chained with special dancing chains, they are lighter and a  bit long as they serve to enhance her movements, not restrain
them. She  would incorporate them in her dance to her advantage.

A Slave Practices in a Dance Chain

A girl is chained with special dancing chains, they are lighter and a  bit long as they serve to enhance her movements, not restrain
them. She  would incorporate them in her dance to her advantage.

Tile Dance

Commonly, chained by her collar, to the slave ring of her Master's couch.  Performed on back, stomach and sides. Basically, its about
a girl craving her  Masters touch, dancing her need and loneliness, longing for His touch, as if she  did not know he is watching.
Seeing Him, she would try to suppress and hide her  need. Then losing all pride and succumbing to her need. The slave would then  
writhe and tile dance for her Master, all of her needs displayed for Him to see.

The Dance of the Six Thongs

Held by six thongs attached to her body. Two to her waist, One on each  wrist and ankle, held by six men. As the music starts the girl
unaware of her  predicament would move as if free, just to find out her movement are being  controlled by an invisible force. Upon
realizing this the girl would fight the  thongs, furiously and savagely. Her fear would mount as less and less movement  is permitted.
As the dance continue, the men get closer and closer till she is  captured, bound left on the floor.

The Belt Dance

This dance is dance below the belt of the Master, thus the name, a girl  would usually start as if she is being whipped or fending
blows, crouched on the  floor, pain in her features. Next phase, a girl would surrender to the Master  and try to please Him. A girl
must then dance for her life, never rising to her  feet, for He is a hard Master to please. In climax, a girl would perform the  Gorean
love bow.

Dance of Seduction

Wearing intricate silks a girl would slowly and sensually strip herself, using  the silks to tease and taunt, then would dance her
beauty to seduce the Master,  dance is free form and unhurried till the climax.

Need Dance

This dance is performed in five phases, distinctively.
1. A girl would feign indifference and act insolently towards the Masters
2. A girl becomes aware of her sexual urges and need, would fight them all the  time fearing she can not please her Masters
3. Here, the girl with great restraint would dance her beauty and worth in a  almost ladylike fashion, while letting the Masters know
of her sexual needs
4. A girl becomes desperate to please,she would strive to  please, no inhibitions, dancing her sexuality for all to see, begging to be
5. In this last phase, a girl would usually dance on the floor, rolling and  whimpering her need, brazenly present herself as a slave,
totally submitting to  the Master.

Veil Dance

A sensuous dance of many veils, where a slave will taunt and tease with them, taking them off as she goes.

Tuka's Dance

This dance was performed by a trained dancer, reknown for her amazing talent.

Stalking Dance of the Panther Girls

This dance is dance by Talunas or Panther girls. They would dance around  a captive, circling and thrusting a spear at Him, though
never touching. Wild  and uncontrolled, her need builds under the Tri-moons. Stamping the ground with  rage, a girl would strip of
her skins, writhe, dancing shamelessly and proudly.

The Sa-eela

or dance of the love starved slave  girl'
this dance has several music phases and is best written after an outline is  made.
The first part of this dance is acted out; a lowly naked slave in a cell yearns  to be called to dance, to be dressing in silk and
perfumed. None forthcoming a  girl weeps her loneliness. Second phase, she is finally summoned, but only as  the lowly slave that
she is, bound roughly, she would be brought before the  Masters for one chance to show her worth. Third phase, a girl has but this  
chance to show her beauty and worth, she would dance her desperation, her  helplessness and her need to please, with no
reservations and no compromises.

Dance of Beauty

A girl is adorned in silks and jewellery. She would dance at the Masters  request, often to a imaginary pole, remaining its prisoner,
sometimes fighting  it, sometimes loving. Till the Master snaps His fingers, then she is free to  move among the Masters at her she, a
girl may please each Master individually or  react specifically to direct orders from one Master, it is a free form dance  where a girl
does whatever a Master wishes. Beauty seduction and grace are being  the focal point of her moves and gestures.

Love Dance of the Wagons People

This dance is rather free form, it is however  very barbaric and wild. It talks about the slaves humming the tune and snapping  fingers
but little else is said for description.

Love Dance of a Newly Collared Slave

A girl may be chained, or braceleted. Naked or losing her silks during  the dance. A girl would dance her joy that soon she would lie in
her Masters  arms. This dance is free form also.

Dance of the Earth Girl

In this dance a girl would use the limited resources of Gor to imitate  Earthen clothes, the room would be made to be cozy and the
music soft. A girl  would also bound her hair earth, as she would as on earth, maybe in a tight bun.  The point would be that the girl
is to undress herself while dancing, ridding  herself of her earthen ways. Movements are always graceful and flowing in this  dance,
no sudden movements, a girl submits at the end to her Master.

Hunter's Catch

This  dance is different from others as there are several dancers performing it. One  of the dancer's is the captive and four others are
the Hunters, though all in  very feminine slave garb. The first part consists of the captive dancing as she  flees and then being
netted, followed by the dances of the 'Hunters' dance after  netting her.

The Hope of Tina

This dance expresses the yearning and hopes of a young free woman wanting  to be found suitable and beautiful enough to qualify
for bondage. The slave  would timidly dance her attributes and charms. As the dance advances, the slave  would become bolder in
her movements, dancing unabashedly and sensually.

A Flute Dance

A girl plays the flute to entice Master's, tease and cajole, maybe  insolently or prettily, as a girl wishes.
"Buy me, Master"
This dance is rather self-explanatory, a girl must display her attributes  dancing before her Masters as luscious, eager, ready begging
merchandise. Having  a sign about her neck reading "Buy me Master".

The Tether Dance

Girl is tethered, usually to a pole. She may use the tether to caress and  love or choose to fight it as she would a Master. A girl may
dance is any  position she wishes. In the end, a girl must dance her submission and fear of  displeasing the one who owns her.

Leash Dance

Performed on the leash, sensuously and wantonly. Similar to the Tether  dances. The shaking of the leash once firmly begins the

Contrition and/or Placatory Dancing

These dances are used to either placate or beg forgiveness, they are free  form and can be danced on a girls belly, knees or
standing depending on the  situation and nature of the Master.
The  Three Types of Virgin Dances
There are three type of virgin dances..
1. The first is any dance, which is deemed appropriate for a virgin.
2. The second is one danced by a virgin slave, one who knows she will be  ravished afterwards.
3. The third is one acted out by an experienced dancer, dancing the part of a  virgin. Reluctant and fearful, very conscious of her
nakedness, resisting to  dance to the barbaric music, scared by the threat of the whip or having now felt  the whip, a girl would let
the music guide her, dancing helplessly to the will  of the Master.

Schendi Slave's Dance with Hands and Beads

A girl is trained in the art of dancing and forming figures with her  hands and body, telling a story or with every figures she forms,
reacting to it  appropriately. The beads are slave beads around her neck more common in Schendi.

Slave Dance (Conspirators of Gor)
Common paga tavern dance, done under the whip, also know as The Whip Dance.

Chain Luck Dance (Quote below.)
“What is chain luck?” asked Lord Akio. “That,” I said, pointing to the sky, and the departing tarn, now scarcely visible, with its rider
and prisoner. “I do not understand,” said Lord Akio. “One of the first missions of a young tarnsman,” I said, “is to capture a young
woman from an enemy city, one with an alien Home Stone. She is taken home and collared. At his victory feast she dances, and
serves him, he first, of all present. She then serves others, as his slave. That night, chained to her master’s couch, she is taught her
collar. She may thereafter be kept as a personal slave, or given away, or sold. It is up to her master.”

I worked on this project with  ahleena, I thank her for sharing with me her work on dances. Using these pages and a changed form of
raine's classes and lectures. Please enjoy it as much I do.
All rights reserved.
This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of
view. Woman of Gor
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