It could be perhaps mentioned that such work, cooking, cleaning and laundering, and such, is commonly regarded as being beneath even free women,
particularly those of high caster. In the high cylinders, in Gorean cities, there are often public slaves who tend the central kitchens in cylinders, care for
the children, but may not instruct them, and, for a tiny fee to the city, clean compartments and do laundering. Thus even families who cannot afford to
own and feed a slave often have the use of several such unfortunate girls, commonly captured from hostile cities. Free women often treat such girls
with great cruelty, and the mere word of a free woman, that she is displeased with the girl's work, is enough to have the girl beaten. The girls strive
zealously in their work to please the free women. Such girls, also, have a low use-rent, payable to the city, should young males wish to partake of
their pleasures. Here again, the mere word of the free person, that he is not completely pleased, is enough to earn the miserable girl a severe
beating. Accordingly, she struggles to please him with all her might. It is not pleasant, I fear, to be a public slave. The Gorean free woman, often, does
only what work she chooses. If she does not wish to prepare a meal, she and her companions may go to the public tables, or, should they wish, order
a girl to bring them food from the central kitchens. Captive of Gor, page 317
Similarly the Gorean free woman does not seem appropriately suited to menial tasks. She is too free, too proud. It is difficult for a collared slave girl to
even to look into the eyes of such a person. Thus, who is to do such work? The answer seems obvious, that it be done by the slaves. The small, light,
unpleasant work will be done by the female slave; the large, heavy, unpleasant work by the draft animal, or the male slave. Why should free persons
do such tasks? They have slaves for such work. And I well knew myself to be a slave. It was thus natural that it should be. I, and my sisters in
bondage, who performed such labors. How else could it have been? Captive of Gor, page 318
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This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of view.
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