"Cernus, of the House of Cernus," said the disguised guard, "is a Warrior."

"He is a Slaver," said one.

"He knows the business and needs of Ar," said the guard, "as would a Merchant, but he is yet of the Caste of Warriors."

"He has sponsored many games," said a Tharlarion Keeper.

"He would be better than a Hinrabian," said another fellow. Assassin of Gor, page 231

The Slaver who had been chief competitor to the House of Cernus was brought forward, doubtless from the dungeons of the
Central Cylinder of Ar, on order of its Ubar, Cernus, once of the Merchants, now of the Caste of the Warriors. Assassin of Gor, page

"Since I am Ubar of Ar," said Cernus to me, "and of the Caste of Warriors"

There was mirth at the tables, but a look from Cernus silenced it in a moment.

"I am concerned," continued Cernus, "to be fair in all matters and thus propose that we wager for your freedom."

I looked up in surprise.

"Bring the board and pieces," said Cernus. Philemon left the room. Cernus looked down at me and grinned. "As I recall, you said
that you did not play." Assassin of Gor, page 317,318

"You have nothing," said I, "Cernus." I regarded him evenly. "You have lost all."

"Do not strike me," he begged. "Do not strike me!"

"But," I laughed, "you are first sword of the House of Cernus. You are even, I hear, of the Caste of Warriors."

"Do not strike me!" he whimpered. Assassin of Gor, page 382

"It is you who wear the scarlet," he said. "I am only a poor porter."

"Surely you have heard things," I said. I sheathed my knife. I sensed it might be making the fellow nervous.

"I have heard there are thousands of Cosians, their auxiliaries, and their mercenaries, at Ar´s Station," he said. "Of that is true,
they must outnumber the regulars in Ar´s Station by as many as ten to one."

"Equipment, supplies?" I asked.

"They brought with them the devices for siege work from Brundisium," he said. "I suppose that, too, must be the source of their

That seemed to me to make sense. If it were true, however, why had Ar´s tarnsmen not attempted to interdict these supply
routes? If they had, I had heard nothing of it.

"The fighting at Ar´s Station, by report, has been lengthy and fierce," said the man. "Her walls are defended by common citizens as
well as soldiers. The Cosians, I think, did not expect such resistance.

I supposed not.

"You are of the red caste," said the fellow. "Why is Cos interested in Ar´s Station?"

"I am not fully sure," I said, "but there could be various reasons, and some of them would seem obvious. As you know much of the
friction between Cos and Ar has to do with their economic competitions in the Vosk Basin. Taking Ar´s Station would, in a stroke,
diminish the major citadel of Ar´s Salerian Confederation and the Vosk League. Renegades of Gor, page33   

"You are of the Warriors," he said.
"It is true," I said. Never had I been divested of the scarlet. Let who would, with steel, dispute my caste with me.
"Well," said the man on the dais. "It is late, and we must all retire. You must be up before dawn." Tribesmen of Gor, Page 218

“Let us think further,” chuckled my master. He was Clitus Vitellius, of the caste of warriors, of the city of Ar. Slavegirl of Gor, page 141
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This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of view.
Woman of Gor
Like most members of my Caste, more than the Gor, I
dreaded such creatures as the tiny ost, that diminutive,
venomous reptile, orange, scarcely more than a few
inches in length, that might lurk at one's very sandal
and then, without provocation or warning, strike, its
tiny fangs the prelude to excruciating torment,
concluding only with sure death. Among warriors, the
bite of an ost is thought to be one of the most cruel of
all gates to the Cities of Dust; far preferable to them
are the rending beak, the terrible talons of a tarn.
Outlaw of Gor, page 118

"But I am of the Caste of Warriors," I said, "of a high
city and we do not stain our spears for the stones of
men not, even such stones as these. "You dare to
tempt me," I said, feigning anger, "as if I beyond the
dreams of a man, were of the Caste of Assassins or a
common thief with his dagger in the night." I frowned
at him. "Beware," I warned, "lest I take your words as
insult." Nomads of Gor, page 20, 21

The other three men, hired swords, perhaps once of
the Caste of Warriors, laughed at the frantic effort of
the tiny, snivelling wad of flesh to free itself. Assassin
of Gor, page 11
Warriors of Gor
General Quotes of the Red Caste