The ancestors of some of them might have been Chaldeans or Celts or Syrians or Englishmen brought to this world over a period of centuries from
different civilizations. But the children…and their children eventually became simply Gorean. Tarnsman of Gor, page 45

In the long ages on Gor almost all traces of Earth origin had vanished. Occasionally, however, an English word in Gorean, like ‘ax’ or ‘ship,’ would delight
me. Certain other expressions seemed clearly to be of Greek or German origin. Tarnsman of Gor, page 45

Unlike the men of Earth, the Gorean has little sensitivity to race, but much to language and city. Like ourselves, he finds his reasons for hating his fellow-
men, but his reasons are different. Outlaw of Gor, page 48

I wondered at the long processes of evolution that had nurtured over thousands of generations what had in time become the human kind. I wondered
of the struggles of my own world as well as on Gor, struggles which over millennia had shaped the blood and inmost being of my species, perhaps
conflicts over tunnels in cliffs to be fought with the savage cave bear, long dangerous weeks spent hunting the same game as the saber-toothed tiger,
perhaps years spent protecting one's mate and brood from the depredations of carnivores and the raids of one's fellow creatures.
As I thought of our primeval ancestor standing in the mouth of his cave one hand gripping a chipped stone and perhaps the other a torch, his mate
behind him and his young hidden in the mosses at the back of the cave I wondered at If among them would not be the strength and the
aggressiveness and the swiftness of eye and hand and the courage of the male and on the part of the woman.
What would have been the genetic truths in her blood without which she and accordingly man himself might have been overlooked in the vicious war of
a species to remain alive and hold its place on an unkind and savage planet?
It seemed possible to me that one trait of high survival value might be the desire on the part of the woman to belong--utterly--to a man.
It seemed clear that woman would, if the race were to survive, have to be sheltered and defended and fed and forced to reproduce her kind.
If she were too independent she would die in such a world and if she did not mate her race would die. That she might survive it seemed plausible that
evolution would have favored not only the woman attractive to men but the one who had an unusual set of traits---among them perhaps the literally
instinctual desire to be his, to belong to him, to seek him out for her mate and submit herself to him. Perhaps if she were thrown by her hair to the back
of the cave and raped on furs in the light of the animal fire at its mouth this would have been to her little more than the proof of her mate’s regard for
her, the expected culmination of her innate desire to be dominated and his. …I thought of the small things on my old world that at such remoteness
perhaps re-enacted the ancient ceremony of the caves, the carrying of the bride over the threshold, perhaps as a prisoner, the tiny wedding bands,
perhaps a small reminder of the primitive thongs that bound the wrists of the first bride, or perhaps later of the golden manacles fastened on the wrists
of daughters of kings, captive maidens led in triumph through cheering streets to the bondage of slave girls. Priest-Kings of Gor, pages 204-206

Page 3 –endnote-

"…the Gorean compass is divided into eight, as opposed to our four, main quadrants…."
"…clockwise as Earth clocks move (Gorean clock hands move in the opposite direction)…."

He was called Harold, It was an English name, but such are not unknown on Gor, having been passed down, for more than a thousand years, the name
of an ancestor, perhaps brought to Gor by Priest-Kings in what might have been the early Middle Ages of Earth. I knew the voyages of Acquisition were
of even much greater antiquity. Nomads of Gor, page 68

Thentis does not trade the beans for black wine. I have heard of a cup of black wine in Ar, some years ago, selling for a silver eighty piece. Even in
Thentis black wine is used commonly only in High Caste homes. Originally, doubtless beans were brought from Earth, much as certain other seeds, and
silk worms and such. Assassins of Gor, Page 107

I nodded. The marsh tharlarion, and river tharlarion, of Gor are, I suspect, genetically different from the alligators, caymens and crocodiles of earth. I
suspect this to be the case because these Earth reptiles are so well adapted to their environments that they have changed very little in tens of millions
of years. The marsh and river tharlarion, accordingly, if descended from such beasts, brought long ago to Gor on Voyages of acquisition by Priest-Kings,
would presumably resemble them more closely. On the other hand, of course, I may be mistaken in this matter. It remains my speculation however, that
the resemblance between these forms of beasts, which are considerable, particularly in bodily configuration and disposition, may be accounted for by
convergent evolution; this proves, alert to the exigencies of survival, has, I suspect, in the context of similar environment, similarly shaped these
oviparous predators of two worlds. Certain other forms of Gorean beast, however, I suspect do have an Earth origin. This seems to be the case with
certain birds and rodents and, possibly, even with an animal as important to the Gorean economy as bosk. Explorers of Gor, page 382
The Priest-Kings seemd to have scored many worlds to obtain different
species of plants, animals, insects and humans to Gor. In time it is obvious,
that some thrived, some went extinct and others adapted over many
hundred of years.

…the people, were largely of Earth stock, that their ancestors had been
brought to the planet in Voyages of Acquisition. Apparently, after having
been brought to the planet, they had simply been released, much as
animals might be released in a forest preserve, or fish stocked free in a
river." Tarnsman of Gor, page 44-45
This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of view.
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