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This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of
view. Woman of Gor
Positions and Slave Commands
resting flat on the surface, arms at the sides with the legs widely spread and crawls to the Master/Mistress upon belly.

"Stop," he said. "To your  belly." Then I was on my belly, on the tiles, my hands at the sides of my head,  prone, before his curule
chair. Kajira of Gor, page 427

"Belly," I said to Feiqa. Immediately  Feiqa, trembling, went to her belly on the stained, sooted stones near the fire.  Mercenaries of
Gor, page 19


The slave  slips to  her belly, positioning her wrists crossed behind her back, ankles crossed also,  left cheek to the ground.

Standard binding position," he said.  I was prone. When a girl is prone, the standard binding position is to cross the  wrists behind
the  back and to cross the ankles. I took this position  instantaneously. Slave  Girl of Gor, page 125


This position is used to put on slave  bracelets, or chaining the slave. Placing hands behind the back, shoulders  pushed back and breasts
thrust outward, hands behind your back.

He had removed a pair of light  bracelets, joined by about five inches of light chain, from his pouch. "Slave  bracelets," he said. "Turn
around, facing the door, your hands behind your  back." Kajira of Gor, page 132

The girl snapped to position, hands  behind the small of her back, head lifted, chin up, turned to the left. In such  a posture she may
be conveniently put in bracelets and leashed. Tribesmen of  Gor, page 78

"Bracelets," he  snapped.
She put her head in the air and placed her hands behind her back.
Hunters of Gor, page 146


When a blanket, or cloak, or covering  of any sort, is thrown over a slave like this she may not speak or rise. She  must remain as she is,
silent, until the master, or some free man, lifts the  covering away. Another slave if given permission may take away the blanket.

I then threw the second blanket, the  top blanket over her, covering her completely. When a blanket, or cloak, or  covering of any
sort,  is thrown over a slave like this she may not speak or  rise. She must remain as she is, silent, until the master, or some free
man,  lifts  the covering away. Explorers of Gor, page 94

Bound by the Master's Will

This command is used when a Master places a slave  in any position and the slave must maintain it till she has permission to break  
often used for binding positions, but not bound with cords, only the  Master's will.

She wore the `bonds of the  master's will.' Grunt had put her in them. She could not rise to her feet. Yet  there was not a rope or
strap on her body. She was `bound by the master's will.'  She could not move from this position unless, at the word of a free person,
she   was freed from it. To break the position otherwise is to be instantly slain.  Blood Brothers of Gor, page 248

"You look well with your hands behind  your back," he said.
I looked up.
"Your hands are now bound behind your  back," he said.
"Yes Master," I said. I must now keep  my hands or wrists in contact with another, and behind my back. I was now  'bound  by the  
master's will.'  I could no separate my hands or wrists without  permission. There are many ways, of course, of 'binding by masters
will. The  behind-the-back position is one of the simplest and loveliest. This exposes the  girl, frames the beauty of her breasts and
makes  her helpless. That the bond is  a 'will-bond,' too, makes clear to her the power of the master over her. Another  common bond
of this sort is when the girl must kneel, grasping her ankles.  Another is when she is forced to sit and reach forward between her legs
passing  the right arm from inside to the right thigh outside and beneath the right calf,  to grasp the right ankle from the outside, and
the left  arm from inside the left  thigh to outside and beneath the left calf, to grasp the left ankle in the same  way. In this position,
she is helpless and cannot rise. Too, after a time, it  becomes apparent to her, she cannot close her her legs. A girl may be kept is  
such  bonds for hours. Dancer of Gor, page 227

Capture Position

Well explained

"On your back," he said, "knees raised, heels on the floor." I then lay before  him, in a standard, supine capture position. Kajira of
Gor, page 442

Collar Command

This position serves to display or go  show one's collar, a kajira would approach and tilt her head back, placing her  hands behind her, close
enough so the legend or writing on the collar can be  read.

In response to the "collar command," the slave approaches the male, that he need not  inconvenience himself by coming toward her.  
She then lifts her chin and places  her hands behind her. It is thus that a girl renders herself vulnerable for the  reading of her collar.
In this case, of course, the Lady Constanzia's hands were  already behind her, her small, lovely wrists closely linked together, well  
pinioned, in the steel of slave bracelets. Witness of Gor, page 357-358


This is very close  to belly but there are differences. A slave gets down on all fours, palms to  elbows are flat on floor, backside in the air with
the forehead close but not  touching the floor and crawls to just an inch from the Master's feet.

I pointed to the stones at my  feet. "Crawl," I said, in Gorean. The girl slipped to her belly, and, as  a slave girl, crawled to my feet.
She put her lips to my foot; I felt her hair  over it. Tribesmen of Gor, page 78

Cuffing Position

When a slave is kneeling in standard  nadu, ordered to lift off her heels, its for a cuffing, she will quickly rise  off her heels, at the right
height for a cuffing, that will also send her  sprawling.

She was now unbound. She knelt on the  back on her heels, her hands on her thighs, looking up, happily, at Mirus.  "Kneel higher," he
said, "Off your heels." "Master?" she asked. This had brought  her into suitable cuffing position. "Did you not speak at various times
during  the evening," he asked, "without having requested permission?"
"Yes Master," she  said. "Forgive me, Master." She then was flung to the side, cuffed, and lay on  the dirt, to the side. "Return to your  
former position," he said. Dancer of Gor, page 445


A slave stands proudly, feet shoulder  width apart, her back straight and shoulders back, breasts thrust outwards,  slowly lifting her arms
behind her head and clasping her hands at the nape of  her neck, head held high and eyes lowered in respect.

The auctioneer did not strike her with  his whip. He merely took her arms and lifted them, so that the position chain,  attached to
each  side of the sales collar lay across her upper arms. Then he had  her clasp her hands behind the back of her neck, so that the
chain, on each side  of the collar, was in the crook of her arms, and she was exposed in such a way  that she could be properly
exhibited.  Explorers of Gor, page 36

Gorean Love Bow

This  position IS very painful to maintain for longer than 5 minutes.
Kneeling in nadu, thighs wide, you bend your body backwards, putting head to  the floor, hands by your head, and pull up into a back bend.

... He thrust her two wrists before  her body, into the ring he had cut from the Kur. He then tied them inside, and  to, the ring. He
then,  from his belt, tool a long length of binding fiber and,  doubling it, keeping it, securing it, as its center to the ring, leaving two  
long ends. He then threw her, on her back, over the body, bead down, of the  fallen Kur. He took the two loose ends of the binding
fiber and,  taking them  under the body of the fallen Kur, dragged her wrists, elbows bent, over and  above her head; he then,
bending her knees, tied one of the loose ends about her  left ankle, and the other about her right. This was the Gorean Love Bow.  
Marauders of Gor, page 261


The kajira goes to the Master, kneeling  behind his left foot, awaiting his movement. Then the slave stays to Master's  left  unless told
otherwise, slightly behind and follows as he moves.

The Forkbeard turned about and, one  arm about Pudding,the other about Gunnhild, started from the dock. Hilda  followed him, to his  
left. "She heels nicely," said Ottar. The men and  bond-maids laughed. The Forkbeard stopped......I was familiar with this sort of  
thing, of course; in the south it was quite common for slave girls; in various  fashions in various cities, to heel their masters. Hilda, of
course,  was a free  woman. For her to heel was an incredible humiliation. The Forkbeard started off again, and then again stopped.
Again, Hilda followed him as before. "She is  heeling!" laughed Ottar. Marauders of Gor, page 123

High Harness

"Lift your head, "he said.  "Higher. Higher!" She looked up at him, her head far back, the leash on her  throat.... "You need not now  
keep your head in high-harness position,,"  he said to the girl. She moved her head. Mercenaries of Gor, pages 308-309

Knee Crawl

I indicated a flat leather box to one side. "Knee  crawl," I said. "Fetch it here."
She went to the box on her knees and picked it  up, and returned to a place before me. It had been a simple knee crawl. I was  
briefly  reminded, however, of the Turian knee walk, sometimes used by slave  dancers. I considered the slave. I did not doubt but
what she might be taught to dance. Magicians of Gor, page 342

Kneel to the Coffle

"Kneel to be coffled," said one of the  men. The girls knelt, closely, one behind the other, there were six wrist rings  on the chain he  
carried...."Left wrist coffle,''  he said. They lifted their  left wrists, frightened.... "Stand, Slaves," said the man. "Lower chain." The  girls  
stood. Then, ordered, they lowered their wrists. They were then in line,  standing, coffled. Slave Girl of Gor, page 127

Kneeling to the Whip

The slave  first  assumes the Nadu position, though with her arms crossed in front of her. She  then leans forward and places her head to
the floor, first sweeping her hair  forward over her shoulders in order that her back might be utterly exposed to  the whip.

I crossed my wrists beneath me  and touched my head to the floor, exposing the bow of my back. It is the  submissive posture of a
slave girl who is to be punished. It is called Kneeling  to the Whip. I shook, visibly, at his feet. I whimpered. I waited for him to  call a  
guard, to bring the lash. Captive of Gor, page 200


The slave stands and moves behind the  Master, bending at the waist. Slave places hands behind them and puts the side  of the head to the
Master's hip, that Master might lead the slave easily by the  hair or collar while walking.

"Leading position," he said. Sobbing,  she rose to her feet, and put her head down, at what would be the height of a  man's waist,
her  legs flexed. A guard walked over and fastened his hand in her  hair. Rogue of Gor, page 248

I held my left hand open, at my waist.  She stiffened, and looked at me, angrily. I opened and closed my left hand once.  I saw her  
training in Gorean customs had been thorough. But she never thought  that such a gesture would be used to her. She came beside
me, and a bit behind  me, and, crouching, put her head down, deeply. I fastened my hand in her hair.  She winced. Women are
helpless in this position. Beasts of Gor, page 409


Similar to leasha but done from a  standing position. Standing with back to the Master, hands are crossed at the  small of the back. The feet
are placed a shoulder width apart, with back and  shoulders slightly arched, thrusting breasts forward, head held high and tilted  to the left
with the eyes are lowered in respect and submission.

"Leasha," snapped the second officer to  the blond girl. She spun from facing him, and lifted her chin, turning her head  to the left,
placing her wrists behind her, as though for snapping them into  slave bracelets. Explorers of Gor, page 76
"Leasha!" he said.  Immediately, responsive to this command, I flung my wrists behind me, separated  by some two inches, and lifted
my chin, my head turned to the left. I felt slave  bracelets flung, snapping shut, on my wrists. I was braceleted. In another  moment I
was leashed. Dancer of Gor, page 365


This is the most basic of all the  positions.
This is the position a most slaves are in most of the time. She kneels before her Master, her head held high, eyes downcast, knees spread
wide open, shoulders  back keeping her back straight, never arched, having tested this, if the back is arched, the belly protrudes funnily, by
tucking in the belly and straightening the shoulders, the perfect effect is gained with breasts beautifully lifted. Hands on thighs and up, down
or crossed depending if one is kneeling in tower, pleasure slave or even in the way of the city of Thentis where wrists are crossed behind
one's back.

"Nadu!" he snapped. She swiftly  turned, facing him, and dropped to her knees, her back straight, her hands on  her thighs, her head  
up, her knees wide. It was the position of the Pleasure  Slave.  Explorers of Gor, page 77

"Come now, my pretty slaves," said  Ginger, "kneel straight. Back straight, heads up. Back on your heels there!  Spread those pretty  
knees. Yes, that is the way men like it. Put your hands,  palms down, on your thighs. Good. Good. Excellent!. The girls now knelt in
the  coffle as pleasure slaves." Savages of Gor, page 155

I walked about her, examining her, She  kept her back very straight, and her head up. I was then again before her. I  noted that the  
palm of her hands, so soft, so vulnerable, had turned on her  thighs, so that they faced up. Among slave girls this is a common ways
of  signaling need, helplessness, a desire to please. Vagabonds of Gor, page 209

The position of the Tower Slave, in  which Vika knelt, differs from that of a free woman only in the position of the  wrists which are
held before her and, when not occupied, crossed as though for  binding...The position of the Pleasure Slave, incidentally, differs from
the  position of both the free woman and the Tower Slave. The hands of a Pleasure  Slave normally rest on her thighs but, in some
cities, for example, Thentis, I  believe, they are crossed behind her. More significantly, for the free woman's  hands may also rest on
her thighs, there is a difference in the placement of the  knees. In all these kneeling positions,incidentally,  even that of the Pleasure
Slave, the Gorean woman carries herself well; her back  is straight and her chin is high. She tends to be vital and beautiful to look  
upon. Priest Kings of Gor,  page 46-47


When a slave is  told to nestle she fits herself against the Master's side, snuggling into the  crook of His left arm.
"Nestle," I told her. "Yes,  Master," she said. She nestled obediently in the crook of my left arm.  Explorers of Gor, page 279


The slave slips to her knees, upper body to the floor, face down before the Master and palms flat to the ground. In another version, she  
turns her head and places her cheek against his feet, kissing them lightly in a  gesture of  submission or in seeking forgiveness.

Swiftly we assumed a common  form of slave obeisance, kneeling, the palms of our hands on the ground, our  heads to the ground.
Many masters, though it tends to be rather associated  usually with given cities, require this position of their girls, usually when  they
first enter his presence or find themselves, as in a room which he has  entered, in his presence. Dancer of Gor, page 114
"Now" I said, " and this is clearly a  form of obeisance, bend forward and put your head to the mat, the palms of your  hands on the
mat. Good. Now lift your head a little and come forward,  substantially keeping the position. Forward a little more." " But then my face  
will be at your feet," she said," My lips will be over them!"
"Yes," I said,  "Good, now, put your head down and lick and kiss my feet." Mercenaries of Gor,  page 410


This is used when waiting to enter a room. She kneels and touches her  forehead to the floor stretching her arms out before her with palms
face down and fingers spread.

I knelt before the guest, putting  the palms of my hands on the floor and my head to the tiles. Kajira of Gor, page 305


Like the walk command, you move toward  an 'objective' you run toward the objective or object, taking short rapid steps,  with the legs
almost straight. Again the feet hardly leave the floor. As you  move the back is straight, the head is turned to the left, and the arms are at  
your sides. Hold the palms at a 45-degree angle to her body, facing outward.  Upon reaching the 'objective', drop gracefully to your knees
and then typically  you would resume the position Nadu.

I was amused, for she had run as a  slave girl is sometimes taught to run, with rapid short steps, her legs almost  straight, her feet
scarcely leaving the ground, back straight, head turned to  the left, arms at her sides, palms out at a forty-five degree angle, more of
a  dancer's motion than a true run. Assassin of Gor, page 45


The kajira lowers to her hands and knees, her  head down on the floor, her hindquarters thrust high for viewing and/or her  Master's

Serving in the modality of the she-quadruped is an instruction whereby  the slave performs her regular duties upon hands and knees,
without the benefit  of the use of her hands. In this mode she may not rise to her feet and may use  only her mouth and teeth to
grasp and manipulate objects.
Assuming the modality of the  she-quadruped. In this discipline the female is forbidden human speech. She is  also forbidden human
posture, in the sense that she is not allowed to rise to  her feet. Her locomotion, unless commanded to roll, or put under similar  
commands, suitable for a pet, will be on all fours........When used, too, it  will commonly be in the modality of the she-quadrupled. This
discipline is often  used as a punishment, but it may figure in the training of a new girl. It helps  her to understand what she now is,
an animal totally subject to her master. Mercenaries of Gor, page 215-216

"Girl," I said to her.
She, addressed, scrambled to her knees. She kept her head down. She whimpered.
"She does not speak," said Boabissia.
"She is perhaps under the discipline of the she-quadruped," I said.
The girl whimpered, looking at us, nodding her head affirmatively. Then she put  down her head, again. Mercenaries of Gor, page 215

Show Rebellion

Tears formed in my eyes. There is a  form of mock rebellion which is sometimes permitted of a slave girl, or even  commanded of her,
for the master's amusement. I felt a tear on my cheek. "Show  rebellion," is a command given which a girl must, as any other, obey.
Yet it is  a terribly cruel command. "Kneel" is the command which, commonly, puts an end  to her rebellion. When a girl has been
permitted defiance it is then all the sweeter, I gather,  to bring her to her knees before you. Slave girl of Gor, page 153

Slave Lips

At the command Slave Lips, or Lips. A  slave turns their head up to the Master. The lips are pursed gently, in  a soft sensual kiss. The slave
remains motionless, lips held, and may not move till the Master wishes or kisses her or orders her to please him in the more graphic way.

The command which commonly  follows the "Slave lips" command is, "Please me.'" Blood Brothers of Gor, page 111

Slave Rape

I went to the side of  the room and picked up my sea bag. I threw it to the center of the room. She  looked down at it puzzled. It was
of heavy blue material, canvas, and tied with  a white rope. "Lie down upon it," I told her, "on your back, your head to the  floor." She
did so. "No, please," she said, "not like this." It is a common  position for a disciplinary slave rape. In it the woman feels very
vulnerable,  very helpless. I then took her." Explorer of Gor, page 202

He knelt me there. 'Put your head  down, to the floor,' he said. 'Clasp your hands, firmly, behind the back of your  neck.' 'Yes, Master,'
I moaned. He was then behind me. He put his hands, under  my arms, on my breasts, sweetly and firmly. Then he moved his bands
back,  caressing my flanks. My head was down. My fingers were together, behind the back  of my neck. I was in his collar. It was
steel, I could not remove it. I belonged  to him. My body hurt, from his whip, that of my Master. My head hurt, from my  hair, where I
had been conducted, unceremoniously, to this location. 'Please,  Master,' I sobbed. 'Not like this! Not you, please!' 'The slave is
pretty,' he  remarked. 'Oh!' I cried. 'Oh!' 'You have a lovely ass,' he said. 'Ohhh!' I said.  'You may thank me,' he said. Kajira of Gor,
page 434
I snapped my fingers. She  knelt. I snapped my fingers again. She stood. Fighting Slave of Gor, page 215


He looked me over. I blushed,  under Gorean appraisal, I only wore my tether. "Stand as a slave," he said. I  stood beautifully, back
straight, head high, belly sucked in, hip turned. No  woman can stand more beautifully than as a Gorean slave girl. "Excellent", said  
Ladle tender, smacking his lips. 'Master is pleased," I said. "Yes", he said.  "The slave too, is then pleased", I said. Slave Girl of Gor,
page 249


If I were you, I would not wander about just now," I said. "Do you understand?" She whimpered once. "Stay," I told her, making
certain of her compliance, giving her a command common to slaves. This informs them they are to remain where they are until moved,
or given permission to more. She  whimpered once, once again. Renegades of Gor, page 297

Submission, Female
Collaring Position

Also called "the Position of Female Submission." The slave kneels at the Master's feet  and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, with
her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and her head beneath them lowered in supplication.

"Assume the posture of female  submission," I told her. She did so, kneeling back on her heels, her arms  extended, wrists crossed,
her head between them, down." Tribesmen of Gor, page  359

This position is easy to understand. Lying on the back hands at sides, palms facing upward. Legs are spread wide  open, the slave awaits
inspection or use.

"Sula! Kajira," said the man. She slid her legs from under her and lay on her  back, her hands at her sides, palms up, her legs
open. Explorers of Gor, page 77


Head held high,  eyes downcast, knees together, shoulders back keeping her back straight (or  arched slightly), breasts thrust outward. Her
hands lie crossed at the wrist, on  her thighs. It is typically  reserved for underage or white-silk slaves, or slaves who serve their Master in  
a non-sexual way, or mistress's slaves and also such as a Tower slave or female work slave.

The Gorean male, at ease,  usually sits crossed-legged and the female kneels, resting back on her heels.  The position of the Tower
Slave, in which Vika knelt, differs from that of a  free woman only in the position of the wrists which are held before her and,  when
not occupied, crossed as though for binding. A free woman's wrists are  never so placed. Priest-Kings of Gor, page 46

Hand Signals and Commands


I snapped my fingers and Ina hurried to me. As I had kept the palm of my hand up, she did not kneel. She stood happily before me. I
took the wet rope which dangled behind her and wrapped it about her waist, tucking one end in, to keep it in place. The fellow whose
rope it was could retrieve it later. I looked down at her. She looked up, happily. Vagabonds of Gor, page 327


I spread the first two fingers of my right hand and gestured downward, toward a place nearby in the sand. Immediately she knelt
there, her knees widely spread. There are many signals by means of which such behaviors can be commanded. In this particular
signal, one of several which, from city to city, might have similar import, the downward movement of the hand indicates that the girl is
to kneel, the place where she is to kneel is indicated in effect by pointing, and the spreading of the fingers indicates how she is to
kneel, in this case, in effect, in the position of the pleasure slave, the knees spread. Vagabonds of Gor, page 328
"Kneel, back on your heels," said the trainer to the dark-haired woman. "Straighten your back, suck in your gut, put your shoulders
back, thrust out your breasts, spread your knees, widely, lift your chin, put your hands on your thighs. You are not going to be sold as
a Tower Slave, Lady Tina. You are going to be sold as a Pleasure Slave."
Kajira of Gor, page 141

He suddenly snapped his fingers and, in the swift double gesture of the Gorean Master, pointed to a place on the dirt floor before
him, almost simultaneously turning his hand, spreading the first and index fingers, pointing downwards. I fled to him and knelt before
him, my knees in the dirt, in the position of the pleasure slave, my head down, trembling.  Captive of Gor, page 143


I gestured that she should return the whip, and then, briefly, placed four fingers, downward, on the arm of the curule chair. The whip
would be returned, then, in the manner of the naked slave.
"Yes, my Master," she whispered.
She fell forward, to her hands and knees, with a jangle of slave bells, and put her head down. She took the staff of the whip, which is
about an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half in diameter, gently between her teeth, and looked up at me. The staff of the whip
was crosswise in her mouth. Her mouth, by the whip, was held widely open. I snapped my fingers. Head down, then, on all fours, to
the small sounds of the slave bells on her wrists and ankles, and collar, she slowly ascended the three broad steps of the carpeted
dais. She was then before me, on all fours, the lovely, obedient slave, the former Miss Henderson, before the curule chair on which I
reclined. Guardsman of Gor, page 178, 179
A slave never breaks position or command until
commanded to do so by  a  Free.


There are many reasons for this position, sometimes as
punishment. Lying upon your  stomach, face down and
turned to the left; with wrists crossed behind the back.  
Ankles are crossed, as well, as if for binding.

"Bara," said Mincon to Tula. "Bara,"  said I to Feiqa.
Both slaves went immediately to their bellies, their
heads to  the left, their wrists crossed behind their
backs, their ankles also crossed. It  is a common binding
position. Mercenaries of Gor, page 145


This  command is used for varied reasons. Lower yourself
gracefully to the floor face  down, the slaves forehead