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I loosened my robe and sat down, cross-legged, on the cushion before the table. I picked up a piece of the yellow bread.
"Oh no Mistress," said the girl, putting out her hand. "That is how men sit. We are women. We kneel."  Kajira of Gor, page 59.

With one hand, nonchalantly, she freed her outer veil. Her features, then, were concealed but poorly by the second veil, little more thin a wisp of
diaphanous silk. She did this, apparently, that she might speak to me more easily. She smiled. I, too, smiled, but inwardly. A master might have given such
a veil to a slave as a joke. She was a vain woman. She wished me to see that she was stunningly beautiful. I saw that she might make an acceptable
slave. Savages of Gor, page 88

Sexuality in Free Women

“I had not known such sensations could exist,” she had said.
“They are attainable only by the slave,” I told her. ‘They are the surrender and submission spasms of the owned woman, the girl who must yield
absolutely and totally, holding nothing back, to her master.”
“I see, Master,” she had said.
“They cannot, in the nature of things, be attained by the free woman,” I said, “for she is her own mistress, not the slave of a master.” Explorers of Gor,
page 365

I shrugged. "She is a slave," I said. Free women, incidentally, are seldom permitted to witness dances of the erotic power of the Sa-eela. The major
reason for this, interestingly, is not that they might be offended or outraged, but for their own protection. Many times lovely, young free women,
sometimes thinking that they have cleverly disguised them. selves, donning male garments, pretending to be boys, thus seeking admission to the dances,
find themselves set upon and stripped. Soon, in chains and well ravished, they find themselves as much slaves as the dancer. Perhaps, in their turn, too,
they will be taught to dance. On their way to the market they may, if they wish, reflect upon what they, at that time, are likely to regard as their folly.
Later, at the feet of a strong man, they may become clearer on the nature of the motivations that took them to such a performance in the first
place. They were courting slavery, begging, in their way, for the steel of the collar, pleading to be subject, if they were not pleasing, to the cut of the whip.
They had not truly been free women; they had only been, unbeknownst to themselves, slaves in search of their masters. Guardsman of Gor, page 264

"The free woman," I said, "lies down, and waits to see what will happen. The female slave kneels beside her master, and begs to please him. The free
woman deems it sufficient that she should exist, the slave girl, on the other hand, is expected not only to exist, but to excel; indeed, she fears only,
commonly, that she may not be sufficiently marvelous for her master. It is little wonder that most men find the free woman, in her inertness, her ignorance
and arrogance, boring. It is little wonder that most men prefer to order her rival to their furs, the helpless, collared, curvaceous, lascivious, feminine slave."
"I was once a free woman," said the girl.
"There is hope for the free woman," I said. "She may put in a collar, and stripped, and made subject to the whip. She may then, enslaved, be trained, too,
for the pleasure of men."
"Yes, Master," whispered the girl. Savages of Gor, page 196-197

She cried out with pleasure, clutching the red youth.
"Winyela," said the Dust-Leg woman, scornfully.
Slave girls must yield, and fully, to any man. Their entire mental set, so to speak, in the furs, is oriented toward providing the master with marvelous
pleasures, and, in their own case, to feel as richly and deeply as possible, and, in the end, in an uncompromised and delicious capitulation, submitting fully
to their master, to obtain the surrender spasms of one who is merely a vanquished woman, naught but an owned and degraded slave. This is quite
different from the mental set taken by the free woman to the furs, of course, with attendant deleterious consequences for the free woman, in so far as
any woman could be called free who is not surrendered and owned. The free woman is expected to pervert her nature in the furs, behaving as a cultural
identical rather than as what she is by nature, the servant and slave of her master. It is little wonder that the free woman, concerned with her putative
identically, her status, her image, her dignity and pride, is often inhibited and sexually inert in the furs. The Goreans say that if one has never had a slave
one has never had a woman. Similarly there is a secret saying, among Gorean men, that no female is a woman, who has not been made a slave. The free
woman, often, fears to feel. The slave, on the other hand, fears not to feel, for she may then, in all likelihood, be punished. The same frigidity which may
be accounted a virtue among free women, figuring in their vanity competitions, how well they can resist men, is commonly among slaves an occasion for
the imposition of severe discipline; it can even constitute a capital offense. The degraded slave has little choice but to yield, and yield well. An interesting
question arises as to whether a woman, permitted her own will in the matter, as a slave is not, can be forced to yield. There are two answers to this
question, and the division between the answers is primarily a function of the time involved. Within a given amount of time, say, half of an Ahn, some
women can resist some men. On the other hand, there will be some men whom they cannot resist and to whom, despite their will in the matter, they will
find themselves uncontrollably yielding. Given a longer amount of time, however, any woman may be made to yield, whether she wishes to or not, by any
man. Sometimes, after such a yielding, she is then collared. "Resistance is now no longer permitted," he tells her. "Yes, Master," she says. She now knows
that she, as a slave, must open herself to feeling, and even seek it avidly, even knowing whence it leads, to the acknowledgment of the male as her
master, and of her as his slave. Savages of Gor, page 221-222

The tile dance, for simple psychological and behavioral reasons, having to do with the submission context and the motions of the body, can piteously
arouse even a captured, cold free woman; in the case of a slave, of course, it can make her scream and sob with need. Explorers of Gor, page 12

Frigidity is accepted by Goreans only in free women. Slave fires, of course, lurk in every woman. It is only a question of arousing them. Explorers of Gor,
page 47

“Who would want to hurt a little she-urt,” she said.
“What do you want?” I asked. I was alert to the tiny sound behind me.
“I will please you for a tarsk bit,” she said.
I did not speak.
She suddenly knelt before me. “I will please you as a slave girl, if you wish,” she said.
“When I want a slave girl,” I said, “I will have a real slave girl, not a free woman pretending to be a slave girl.”
She looked up at me, angrily.
“On your feet, free woman,” I said.
She got up angrily. She was not a slave. Why should I accord her the privilege of kneeling at my feet? Explorers of Gor, page 48

I knelt down on one knee beside her. I took a tarsk bit from my pouch, and thrust it in her mouth. She was a free woman. Since I had no intent of
enslaving her myself, it seemed fit that I should pay her for her use. She had asked, as I recalled, for a tarsk bit. Had I intended to keep her, I might have
simply raped her, and then put the collar on her. Explorers of Gor, page 49-50

“Are you going to train me a little tonight, Master?” asked Sasi.
“Perhaps,” I said.
I had already brought her past the limitations of the free woman's heat. Explorers of Gor, page 78

"Does Lady Sheila identify with slaves?" he asked.

'"No," I said. "Of course not!"

"Good," he said.

"Why is it good?" I asked.

"It is said, "he said, "that she who identifies with slaves wants the collar on her neck." Kajira of Gor, page 121

“Do you think free women could have felt what you felt?” I asked.
“Never,” she said, “for they are not slaves.” She looked up at me. “What I felt were the feelings of a slave in the arms of her master. Those are feelings no
free woman will ever know.”
“Unless she is put an bondage,” I said.
“Yes, Master,” she smiled. Then she said, “How I pity them, those poor free woman, such as I was. How ignorant they are. No wonder they are so hostile
to men. Would not any woman hate a man who did not have the strength to put her in a collar?”
“Perhaps,” I said. I thought of a girl once known, one who once had been my free companion. I thought of her cruelty to me once, in the house of Samos,
when she had thought me helpless and crippled. She had once been the daughter of Marlenus of Ar, but he had disowned her, for once, when she had
been the helpless slave of the forest girl, Verna, she had begged to be purchased, a slave's act. Rather than submit to this stain upon his honor he, the
Ubar of glorious Ar itself, had sworn against her, upon his sword and upon the medallion of his office as well, the fierce oath of disownment. She lived
now, free, but deprived of citizenship, sequestered in Ar. Her left thigh would still bear the brand of Treve, for once, long ago, she bad fallen slave to Rask
of Treve, a captain and tarnsman. I wondered if he had made her yield well as a slave, when he had owned her. I did not doubt it. I thought the brand of
Port Kar might look well upon her body, placed above that of Treve. I wondered how she might look in scarlet silk, dancing as a slave before any men.
Explorers of Gor, page 179

"Disgusting!" I heard from a free woman passing in the street.

"Animal!" I heard another woman say.

But these passers-by, and others, did not order us apart. We were slaves. Such scenes are not unknown on Gorean streets. They would attract little more
attention than would the writhings of pet sleen. It is for such reasons that slave girls are sometimes sent from their houses locked in the iron belt. To be
sure the slave girl is more likely to be attacked by young ruffians than male slaves, who are often closely supervised.

"Oh," moaned the girl in my arms. "Oh, Master."

"Please take me home. Publius, and touch me." I heard a woman, in robes of concealment, say to he who walked with her upon the street. Fighting slave
of Gor, page 183

"Today," she said, "I saw slave girls, meaningless sluts in collars, with scarcely a rag to cover their nakedness. They seemed joyful and happy! What is the
meaning of it?"

"I do not know Mistress," I said.

"Nor I," she said bitterly. She looked out over the gardens.

"They are slave, and are happy," she said. "I am free, and am unhappy. I do not understand it."

I said nothing.

"No one is concerned to make them happy," she said. "It is they who must make others happy. It is they who must yield, and obey, and serve, and love
and be pleasing. "

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

"So, why, then," she said,"should they be happy, and I not?"

"I do not know Mistress," I said.

'I am advised, Jason, " she said, "by certain of my friends to accept a companion."

" I did not know that," I said.

"Many men, young and rich, have desired to become my companion. Such matches, in many cases, would profitably increase our common holdings. Yet I
have until now, at least turned them all away. I have remained independent."

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

"I have seen many companionship," she said. "Yet more often then not I have seen the male companion keep sluts of slave girls on the side, and, I think,
it is only those sluts he cares for.' Her voice was bitter. "Why," she asked, "should a man forsake a noble companion, serene and beautiful, independent
and regal, for a slut in a steel collar who will crawl to his feet and beg to lick them with her tongue?"

I did not speak.

"Beast!" she said.

"Yes, Misress," I said.

"How I hate men!" she cried.

"Yes, Mistress." I said.

"Yet," she said, "they stir me. Oh, I do not mean you, Jason, a silk slave, but true men."

"Yes, Mistress," I said.

She continues to look out over the gardens. "They disturb me," she said." They make me uneasy."

I said nothing.

"I am curious about them," she said. "I wonder, sometimes, what it would be like to be naked in their arms,"

I did not speak.

"I have never been in the arms of a man, Jason," she said.

This did not, truly, surprise me. She had used me many times of course, but she had never permitted me to hold her in my arms. I had of course, under her
direction, kissed, licked and caressed her. I had given her much pleasure but she, a woman of lofty position, of high social station, rich and free, had never
let me hold her. Fighting slave of Gor, page 201 to 203

"I like you Jason," she said. "You excite me," she whispered. Women think little of speaking intimately to their silk slaves, for such are only their animals.
Fighting slave of Gor, page 207

The Lady Kita turned about and hurried, followed by her guards, from the shop.
Turbus Veminius looked after her. He, like many perfumers, and hairdressers and cosmeticians, treated his female clientele almost as though they were
slave girls. Indeed, he was famous for once having said, "They are all slave girls." Yet, in spite of the gruff, authoritarian way in which they might be
handled, and the rude, peremptory fashion in which they might be addressed, women, and high-caste women, for no reason that was clear to me, flocked
to his shop. He was, of course, one of the foremost perfumers of Gor. His prices, it might be mentioned, were beyond the reach of all but the very wealthy.
It might also be mentioned that he did not deal at all in slave perfumes.  Fighting slave of Gor, Page 212

A familiar bit of advice given by bold Gorean physicians to free women who consult them about their frigidity is, to their scandal, "Learn slave dance."
Another bit of advice, usually given to a free woman being ushered out of his office by a physician impatient with her imaginary ailments is, "Become a
slave." Frigidity, of course, is not accepted in slaves. If nothing else, it will be beaten out of their beautiful hides by whips. Guardsman of Gor, page 260
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