"Throw back your hoods, pull down your veils, females!" laughed the wagoner.
The women crowding about the back of the wagon, many with their hands outstretched, the sleeves of their robes falling back, cried out in
"---if you would be fed!" he added.
These women must be new, I thought. Probably they had come only recently to the wagons, probably trekking overland from some contacted village,
perhaps one from as far away as fifty pasangs, a common range for the excursions, the searches and collections of mounted foragers. Most of the
women had seen following the wagons, at any rate, knew enough by now to approach them only bareheaded, as female supplicants, too, to be more
pleasing to the men who might possibly be persuaded to feed them, with their hair as visible and loose as that of slaves. Similarly, most had already
discarded or hidden their veils, even when not begging. They did nor even wear them in their own small foul, often-fireless makeshift camps near the
wagons, camps, to be sure, to which men might sometimes come. It had been discovered that a woman who is seen with a veil, even of she has
lowered the veil, abjectly and piteously face-stripping herself, is less likely to be fed than one with no veil in evidence. Too, of course, it had been
quickly noted that such women, too, tended to be less frequently selected for the pleasure of the drivers. The men with the wagons had not seen fit to
permit the women the dignity of veiling, In this, of course, they treated them like slaves. Mercenaries of Gor, page 24
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