"Is she of High Caste?" asked Mintar, apparently puzzled at my lack of interest in his bargaining. Perhaps his price was too low for a girl of High Caste.
Tarnsman of Gor, page121

Some of the plainer women are sold for as little as a brass cup; a really beautiful girl, particularly if of free birth and high caste, might bring as much as
forty pieces of gold; such are, however, seldom sold; the Wagon Peoples enjoy being served by civilized slaves of great beauty and high station;
during the day, in the heat and dust, such girls will care for the wagon bosk and gather fuel for the dung fires; at night they will please their masters.
Nomads of Gor, page 57

Actually, fifty silver tarn disks was an extremely high price, and indicated the girl was probably of high caste as well as extremely beautiful. An ordinary
girl, of low caste, comely but untrained, might, depending on the market, sell for as little as five or as many as thirty tarn disks. Outlaw of Gor, page 193

Many men like to think they are buying a fresh girl, one who was free. Many men enjoy breaking a girl to slavery. Furthermore, slavers tend to pay
more highly for free women than slave girls. Slave girls, less guarded, less protected, are more easily acquired. Slave girls, too, are less likely to be the
objects of determined rescue attempts. No one cares too much what happens to a slave girl. So they wear the collar of one man or another, in one city
or another. What does it matter? They are only slave. Sometimes it seemed to me that, at least in the north, a tacit agreement existed among the
isolated cities. Beautiful slave girls, barefoot, bangled, in scandalously brief slave livery, well displaying their considerable charms, collared, hair free,
blowing in the wind, vital, walking exhileratedly, were common on the high bridges of the city, extending between the numerous cylinder towers,
whereas free women, sedate, dignified, restricted, in their confining robes of concealment, were discouraged from the use of such bridges. Each city's
young tarnsmen, then, in testing their mettle, were offered convenient, well-displayed, delicious, female acquisition-targets. Who would care to risk his
life for a free woman, who, stripped, might prove disappointing, when, for less risk, he could get his capture loop on a known quantity, a girl who has
quite probably been trained like an animal to deliciously satisfy the passions of a man, a girl who, responsive, helpless under his touch, his hands and
mouth igniting her slave reflexes, will beg and strive to be a loving and, obedient joy to him. These arrangements, I suspected, had to do with the
attempt of cities to protect their free women who, in numbers, seldom fall to the enemy, unless the city itself should fall, and then, of course, they
would find themselves, like slaves, under the victory torches, their clothing removed, completely, strapped On the pleasure racks of the conquerors,
thereafter, in the morning following the victory feast, to be chained and branded. Men respected free women; they desired, fought for, sought and
relished their female slaves.
"As a free woman," smiled Hassan, "she would have brought me nothing." He referred to the one who had been Zina. "As a free woman," said he. "I
would have put her out into the desert. As a slave girl I will make a little on her." He grinned. "And, of course," he said, "her brand will be fresh."
"That is true." I acknowledged.
"Besides," he said, "it will give me great pleasure to brand her." Tribesmen of Gor, page 149-150

“I know what you look like.” I said, “and I can feel you, your closeness, your body, your touch. It has an interesting modality in the darkness, in the
furs.” I reached to her, and, by the strap on her throat, pulled her down beside me. “Also,” I said, “you are a naked slave. No woman can be more
interesting than a naked slave.”
“Oh,” she said. I held her by the strap.
“That you are a slave makes you additionally stimulating to the male,” I said, “aside from your mere beauty and intelligence.”
“Yes,” Master,” she said.
“So do not be surprised, in your servitude,” I said, “that you find men strong. Simply to look upon you, a beautiful slave will commonly be enough to
stimulate their lust. You are no longer a free woman, filled with her rigidities and negativities, for whom it is permissible to be irritating and boring. No.
You are a lovely slave. Looking upon you men will want you. They will want to buy you. They will want to own you.”
“Yes, Master,” she said.
“Men even kill to possess women such as you,” I told her. “You are that desirable.” Beasts of Gor, page 315

"I will give you a silver tarsk for her," said he, "for she is only slave."
"Hassan!" cried the girl.
"Done," said Hassan, selling his slave.
"No, Hassan!" she cried.
"And two tarn disks of gold, of the mintage of Ar, for the free wench," said the merchant.
"Agreed," said Hassan.
"Hassan!" cried the slave girl.
"Take this slave away," said the merchant. Tribesmen of Gor page 156

The most valuable general category of slaves, however, much to the chagrin of some male silk slaves, is that of the particularly desirable females.
These are usually extraordinarily beautiful Gorean girls, once of high caste.  Sometimes they are dancers," Commonly they are highly trained.
Sometimes they are even passion slaves, girls literally bred for the pleasures of men. The prizes purchased by the Ubars and rich men for their
pleasure gardens usually belong to the types of girls included in this general category. For example, a captured, enslaved Ubara would commonly bring
a very handsome price. Fighting slave of Gor, page 164

A girl who seems to most men only a low grade kettle-and-mat girl may be to a given man very precious. She may be as valuable to him as a collared
Ubara, one who must now, strictly, be taught her duties as a slave. Fighting slave of Gor, page 165

The first bid was some four gold pieces, which was good, and suggested that the night might go well. Prices of girls vary considerably with her caste,
the supply of her general type and the trends of the market. A girl in the Curulean is seldom sold for less than two gold pieces. This is largely,
doubtless, because the Curulean refuses to accept women for sale who are not genuinely attractive. In a rather brief amount of time Verbina was
auctioned to a young Warrior for seven gold pieces. An extremely good price, under relatively normal market conditions, for a truly beautiful woman of
High Caste tends to be about thirty pieces of gold, though some go as high as forty, and fifty is not unknown; these prices, for women of low caste,
may be approximately halved. Assassin of Gor, page 293

"Very well," I said. I was beautiful. I would bring a high price indeed!

'Even so,' he said, "you have had no previous owners, as I understand it."

"That is correct," I said.

"Having been unowned," he said, "it seems natural, then, to assume that you are inexperienced and untrained."

"Yes," I said.

"And there are many beautiful women," he said. "There is no dearth of them in the slave markets."

"And what, then,' I asked, "do you think I would bring?"

He looked at me, smiling.

"What?" I asked.

"I would think, he said," that you would bring somewhere between fifteen and twenty copper tarsks."

"Copper tarsks!" I cried.

"Yes," he said.

"Beast! I cried. "Beast!"

"But remember," he said, smiling, "it is slaves who are assessed and have prices. Free women are priceless." Kajira of Gor, page 97

"We do not have much to steal," I told the man.

"You have a free female there," he said. "Such can bring their prices in certain places."

"I am not afraid," said Boabissia.

"Brave and noble girl," he said.

"I can take care of myself," said Boabissia.

"To be sure," he said, "her price could be lowered by her stupidity."

"I am not stupid," said Boabissia.

"Forgive me," he said, "by your remark I thought that perhaps you were." Mercenaries of Gor, page 261

I thought again of the woman who had beaten on the side of the wagon. How afraid she had made me! How different she seemed from us, from the
ten of us, chained in this cage. She was, I was sure, free. She must have been free, to have been permitted to scream like that, and carry on like that.
There seemed to be no other possible explanation. The thought made me shudder. She was then, even if stupid and ugly, worlds above and beyond
us. She would be priceless. Our value, even if we were desirable and beautiful, on the other hand, would be finite, a function quite simply of
fluctuations in the market, and what men were willing to pay for us. We were properties. She, I supposed, was not. That would seem to be the major
difference between us. We could be bought and sold. She, I supposed, could not, unless, of course, men saw fit to reduce her, too, to bondage, and
then, of course, she would be no different from us, and our competitions would be reduced to the same common denominator, that of mere females.
Dancer of Gor, page 91-92

This must be she, then, of whom the keeper had spoken. I recalled that he had told me that although the use of an inn girl would cost me, in these
times, three copper tarsks for only a quarter of an Ahn, I might have the free woman working in the paga room for an Ahn for only a tarsk bit. To be
sure, that perhaps overrated her value considerably, as she was only a free woman. Whereas free women, technically, are priceless, they are also,
usually, in bed, worthless. They are not worthy of kneeling and humbly holding candles within a thousand pasangs of a slave. To be sure, they
commonly hold an inflated opinion of their expertise and desirability. They are no good, however, until they have been imbonded, and have begun,
vulnerably and fearfully, to tread, willingly or not, the paths to fulfillment, and ecstasy. The outrageousness of the price, of course, was doubtless to be
expected, given the general inflations of the times. I had told him I would let him know later. I would. Renegades of Gor, page 63

"I rented her ((a free woman)),  for an Ahn," I said. "I think the time must be nearly up, and the keeper's man should be along presently."

"What did she cost you?" he asked.

"A tarsk bit," I said.

"That is far more than she is worth," he said.

"Perhaps," I said.

"In many cities," he said, "one could have a coin for that."

"True,' I said.

Coin girls were a form of street slave, usually sent into the streets around dusk by their masters, who commonly own several of them, with a chain on
their neck, to which would be attached, normally, a bell, to call attention to their whereabouts, and a small, locked coin box. And woe to the girl who
returns without coins jangling in the box! To be sure, in some places, one might even have a paga slave, or a brothel slave, for as little as a tarsk bit.

"It is too much for a free woman," he said. Renegades of Gor, page 107

“As master recalls,” she said. “I was detained at the Crooked Tarn, as a debtor slut.”
“Yes,” I said.
“And forced to earn my keep.” she said.
“Yes,” I said. Her use had cost me a tarsk bit. Had I had a slave sent to my “space” it would have cost me three full copper tarsks, for only a quarter of
an Ahn. I had had her for a full Ahn, for the tarsk bit. That was, because, at that time, she had been free. She would be worth much more now, clearly.
Vagabonds of Gor, page 8

“I suspect they did not regard you as being worthy of being a slave,” I said.
“What!” she cried.
“Yes,” I said, “I suspect they did not think you were worthy of being a slave.”
“But a free woman is a thousand times more valuable than a slave!” she said.
“Many,” said I, “regard a slave as a thousand times more valuable than a free woman.”
She cried out, angrily.
It interested me that she had put a specific value on a free woman.
“But then,” I said, “many also believe that the free woman and the slave are the same, except for a legal technicality.”
“Surely you do not mean that slaves are actually free women,” she said.
“No,” I said. “I do not mean that.”
“Sleen! Sleen!” she said.
“Free women are only slaves, not yet collared,” I said. Vagabonds of Gor, page 192-193
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