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This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of view.
Woman of Gor
Free Women of Different Cultures
Free Women of Gor
Free Women & War
Pa-Kur, for his part, demanded and was granted the usual savage fees imposed by the Gorean conqueror. The population would be completely
disarmed. Possession of a weapon would be regarded as a capital offence. Officers in the Warrior Caste and their families were to be impaled, and in
the population at large every tenth man would be executed. The thousand most beautiful women of Ar would be given as pleasure slaves to Pa-Kur,
for distribution among his highest officers. Of the other free women, the healthiest and most attractive thirty per cent would be auctioned to his troops
in the Street of Brands, the proceeds going to the coffers of Pa-Kur. A levy of seven thousand young men would be taken to fill the depleted ranks of
his siege slaves. Children under twelve would be distributed at random among the free cities of Gor. As for the slaves of Ar, they would belong to the

It was evening, fires, on high poles, illuminated the area. Many men were about, moving here and there. From where I stood, I could see many tents,
long tents, and holding areas where there were temporary stockades or circular embankments. Within these enclosures there were, for the most past,
goods and prisoners. Two drunken soldiers staggered past.

"How were you taken?" I asked the Lady Tima.

"By soldiers in the city," she said. "With others." She looked at me. "Be kind to me Jason," she begged. "I am absolutely helpless."

"How were you brought here?" I asked. "On a rope," she said. "I was brought here, stripped and fastened on the rack." I looked down the long rows
of pleasure racks, aligned under the high torches. The blonde a few racks away in the same line was crying out for mercy.

"Your market and goods?" I asked. "The market was burned," she said, "and the goods and slaves taken." "Did many of those of Vonda escape the
city?" I asked. "Many" she said.

"In flying over this area," I said, "I saw several stockades, mostly filled with women." "We were hunted more relentlessly," she said bitterly. "Yet some
women must have escaped the city," I said. "Yes," she said, "Particularly those who fled early. Many have gone as refugees to Lara."

The blonde a few racks away began to squirm and sob in her straps. "No, no," she begged. But she was not being shown the mercy for which she

"What of the House of Andronicus?" I asked. "Gone," she said, "burned, its slaves and personnel fled or taken." "What of the Lady Gina?" I asked. I
remembered her with some fondness. "Shackled," she said, "In the food tens, where she waits upon men." "Do you think she enjoys serving them?" I
asked. "They enjoy having her serve them," she said angrily.

"Doubtless," I said. "Do you recall the slave, Lola, of the House of Andronicus?" I asked. "Yes," she said. "I do not know her fate." Lola and Tela had
been the girls who had first taught me Gorean. They had been the first Gorean slave girls I had ever seen. I had never forgotten my first sight of them.
That such women could exist and be slaves had been a stunning and welcome revelation to me of certain of the realities of Gor.

"You had an assistant," I said, " a superb actress, who, pretended to be a mere Earth-girl slave, even to the collar and Ta-Teera, well prepared me for
my sale in your market."

"The Lady Tendite," she said. "Don't touch me!" "Yes, she," I said. "She well made a fool of me."

"Please don't Jason," "I believed her," I said. "Jason," she begged. "No!" "I believed her, " I said, "completely." "I am completely helpless, Jason," she
said. "Please have mercy on me!"

"The sale must have been amusing," I said. "Your hands!" she wept. "Did you plan it together?" I asked. "Your body seems smaller and more helpless
than I remembered it," I observed. "Yes, yes," she sobbed, "but it was her original plan, her ideas. She thought it would be amusing to do it to you." "I
see," I said. "Please stop touching me," she begged.

Suddenly a few racks away, the blonde throwing her had back and rearing helplessly in her straps, screamed her submission. The Lady Tima
shuddered, and then suddenly lifted herself to me. But my hand did not quite touch her. "Where is she?" I asked. "She fled from Vonda," she said.
"She went to Lara. Please do not stop touching me." "Are you prepared to beg to be touched?" I asked. "Yes," she said, I beg it!"

"How do these things work?" I asked, looking at the rack. "Jason, please!" she whispered. "I note that you are not yet branded," I said, "nor, I
suppose are the others." "Jason!" she pleaded. "Speak," I said.

"We were put on the racks as free women," she said, "that we, the women of the enemy, be properly humiliated. Too is it not a rich joke for the men
of Ar that more than a thousand of the free women of Vonda adorn their pleasure racks, fastened down like slave girls, their use available for a tarsk
bit to the passers-by?"

"Yes," I smiled, "it is a rich joke." The men of Gor are fond of such jokes.

And only after this, our profound humiliation," she said, "will the men of Ar if it should please them see fit to permit us to be divided into lots, and be
branded and collared and sold into slavery throughout the towns and cities of Gor."

"Splendid," I said, "splendid!" She looked at me with horror. "Are you a man of Gor?" she asked. I shrugged. I did not know.

Then again, suddenly, she lifted her body to me. "You have aroused me," she whispered. "You know you have aroused me and cruelly." "You lift you
body like a female slave, Lady Tima," I said. She groaned and lay back. She moaned.

The blonde a few racks down was now sobbing with pleasure. She was alone. "Masters, Masters," she called. "I am only a tarsk bit! Please touch me!"
"What a slut she is," I said. "Yes, Jason," whispered the Lady Tima.

"These straps seem to hold you quite well," I said. "I am absolutely helpless," she said. "Touch me, I beg you!"

"The pleasure rack is an interesting device," I said. I examined the wooden wheels the levers. In virtue of the axes of the device and the various gears
and pinions and the joints braces, fitted, sliding boards, notches and lock points, it can be adjusted to a variety of positions. To be sure not all the
pleasure racks were as sophisticated as that on which was bound my former Mistress, the former female slaver, the Lady Tima of Vonda. This device,
like some of the others, had doubtless been brought from the city, perhaps dragged forth by shackled men of Vonda hauling on wagon ropes.

"Jason," begged the Lady Tima. "I have never seen one this close before," I said. "Jason!" she cried. "You look well on your knees before me," I said.
"Jason!" she wept.

I then bend her backwards, and then lifting and turning her, examined the left side of her beauty ad then the rights. I then put her through a variety
of positions, more experimenting with the possibilities of the apparatus than anything else, though the experiments had their aesthetic value, for the
Lady Tima was a lovely woman.

"Fascinating," I said. "Jason," she protested. I then, as I had grown more proficient with the device, used it for one of its two major purposes, that of
exiting and displaying the helpless prisoner. Its second major purpose of course, is to hold the woman in any position one pleases. I rotated her to her
back. I then turned away. "Jason!" she cried. "Jason!"

I turned back, again, to face her. "You have humiliated and abused me," she said, "You have turned me about and examined me on their rack as
though I might be a slave girl! You have cruelly aroused me. You cannot leave me now!" "I can," I told her. "Please come back," she wept. "Touch me!
Touch me!"

"Do you beg it?" I asked. "Yes," she said, "I beg it as a slave!" "As a slave?" I asked. "Yes, yes," she said. "I beg it as a slave!"

"But that is lower than a mere slut," I said. "Surely you remember the blonde girl," I said, indicating the girl some racks from her. "I beg it as both a
slut and a slave," she said.

I then went slowly to the rack. She looked up at me frightened. Then I fastened her in position, spreading her thighs uncomfortable apart. Then
looking down upon her, I spread her legs by another four inches. Then I had her. Rogue of Gor, page 23 to 28

There was some squirming to my left, and, as my eyes grew more accustomed to the light, I saw a couple entwined. At first I supposed they might be
companions, sharing a space. The female seemed to be making small angry noises, then frightened noises. A large piece of cloth, probably her veil,
had been thrust into her mouth and tied there. As she moved it seemed her hands must be bound behind her back. Her slippers were off, near her
feet. Her robes had been thrust up about her waist. She looked wildly at me, the cloth stuffed in her mouth, tied there. She had probably been
surprised in her sleep, and rendered helpless. When he finished with her he would probably carry her from the floor, either to his wagon and, if
interested in her, leave with her, or leave her tied below somewhere, perhaps to the railing at the stairs, or perhaps in the stable, where she would
attract little attention until morning, after his presumed departure.

I thought that perhaps the inn should provide separate spaces for women, not just separate marked-out spaces, but say, a separate room, or area.
She half reared up, making tiny noises. He had gagged her well. Then he pressed her back to the boards. I blamed the keeper as much as anything,
three copper tarsks for a girl, for a quarter of an Ahn, was outrageous. It was no wonder that some fellow, under the circumstances, might be forced
to make do as he could, even having recourse eventually, if he was desperate enough, to a free woman. I trod a bit further ahead. It was less
dangerous now, as I could see better. Too, the tiny tharlarion-oil lamps, here and there, at the walls, were helpful.

"Do not approach me, sleen!" hissed a woman. Her arm was back. She crouched in the center of one of the spaces. Her hand, held back, held a small
dagger, of the sort which some women think affords them protection.

"Forgive me, Lady," I whispered, "I am trying to reach my space."

She brandished the weapon.

"I mean you no harm," I said. I do not think it is a good idea for women to carry such weapons, incidentally. Their pretentiousness annoys some men.
indeed, some men will kill a woman with such a weapon rather than take the moment or so necessary to disarm her and make her helpless.

"Do not approach me!" she hissed. "Oh!" she said. "Stop! You're hurting me!"

The dagger fell to the floor. My hand was still on her wrist.

"I shall scream," she whispered, tensely. "oh!"

"It will be difficult to scream, held as you are," I said. My left hand was behind the back of her neck, pressed tightly against it, and my right hand,
moved from her wrist, now covered her veiled mouth, tightly, pressing back.

She looked at me, angrily, over the veil. She squirmed. She made tiny noises. Her small hands were futile, trying to pull my hand from her mouth.

"I mean you no harm," I said. "I am only trying to get to my place."

She nodded, a tiny, difficult movement.

"Will you scream, if I release you?" I asked.

She looked at me, and then shook her head, as she could, quickly, earnestly, negatively. She was lying, of course. But this would give me the
opportunity to get her veil into her mouth.

I released her mouth and she pulled back and opened her mouth widely, to scream. I bunched and thrust veil into her mouth. She looked at me, wildly,
half gagging, my fingers and cloth in her mouth. Little by little, then, with my fingers, patiently, my thumb holding my present accomplishments in place,
and pushing them further back, to make room for more folds, I worked more of the veil into her mouth. Finally I pulled out the pins at the side, and
completed the work. Some veils are held not with pins but with hooks and cords, passing about the back of the head. Others are a part of the hood
itself. With the hood cords, which can fasten the hood more or less closely about the neck, like a cloak. I fastened the veil in place. She then looked at
me, well silenced.

No longer had she the dignity of the veil.

She did not try to dislodge the silencing device I had placed in her mouth but she lifted her hands, shamed, before her face, to conceal her
countenance from me.

I noted how her hands were held before her face.

I pulled her hands down, away from her face. I held them, she helpless to resist, and then, for a time, not hurrying, considered her lips and mouth.
They were indeed excellent. She turned her head to the side.

I turned her about and put her on her stomach. I then removed her stockings. Her slippers, removed for the night, were to one side. With one stocking
I bound her hands together, behind her back, leaving two ends loose. I then crossed and bound her ankles with the other stocking, and, as she
winced, pulled her legs up behind her. I looped one of the two loose ends from the stocking securing her wrists twice about her ankle tie and then tied
it to the other loose end. This fastened her in a slave bow. I pulled her hood down about her face. In this way her facial modesty was protected. Her
lips and mouth, then, were not exposed to the gaze of men, as though they might be those of a slave. I then found he dagger and, carefully, with
regard to her modesty, cut and divided her garments, removing fastening and hooks from them. This left her fully and modestly concealed, albeit with
only strips and pieces of clothing, the devices for arranging and closing which had been removed. I did not think she would find that her dignity would
be compromised unless, of course, foolishly, she chose to move. I then picked up her small dagger, and my pack, and the blankets, and again made my
way toward my space. When I reached it, I put down the pack and blankets. I also put the small dagger under my foot, and pulling up on the handle,
broke the blade away. The two parts I cast away, back by the wall. No longer would it endanger her life.

I looked about. There were some empty spaces on the floor, for example, space 98, to my left, as I would face the front of the room, but, on the
whole, the level was very crowded. I would have liked the comparative privacy of space 99, in the corner, but it was occupied. I suspected that the
empty spaces, or most of them, had been vacated by fellows who had left early. Some folks leave almost in the middle of the night, and then stop at
another inn, in the early afternoon. That way they can usually count on obtaining excellent accommodations. Most inns want you out by noon, the
tenth Ahn.

I glanced back to the space occupied by the free woman whom I had not found pleasing, she on whose mouth I had seen fit to impose closure, she
whom I had left in precarious concealments and slave trussing. She was motionless. I doubted, however, that she was asleep. She would not wish to
attract attention to her present straits. In the morning, with folks bustling about, she would probably be all right. Now, however, she might be plucked
as easily as a larma, one overhanging a public path. I had scarcely arranged my blankets and put the pack down for a pillow when I saw an attendant
enter the room, carrying a stripped female, her hands tied behind her, over his shoulder, her head to the rear, in slave position. I gestured to him,
and, exciting my envy somewhat, he picked his way expertly among the sprawled, slumbering bodies to my space. "I shall return in an Ahn," he said.
He then sat his burden beside me. Rogue of Gor, page 89 to 91

Then he jerked the veil of state from my features. I, though a free woman, had been face-stripped before free men. My face was bare to them as
though I might be a slave. Face-stripping a free woman, against her will, can be a serious crime on Gor. On the other hand, Corcyrus had now fallen,
her women, thusly now at the feet of her conquerors, would be little better then slaves. Any fate could now be inflicted on them that the conquerors
might wish, including making them slaves. Kajira of Gor, page 183

"I am a free woman!" she said suddenly, piteously.

"We have food," I said. "We have used your house. Permit us to share it with you."

"Oh, I have begged at the wagons, "she said suddenly, sobbing. "It is no a new thing for me! I have begged! I have been on my knees fir a crust of
bread, I have fought with other women for the garbage beside the road."

"You shall not beg in your own house," I said.

She began to sob, and the small child, bundled in her arms, began to whimper.

I approached her very slowly, and drew back the edge of the coverlet about the child. Its eyes seemed very large. Its face was dirty.

"There are hundreds of us," she said, "following the wagons. In these times, only soldiers can live."

"The forces of Ar," I said, are even now being mustered, to repel the invaders. The soldiers of Cos, and their mercenary contingents, no matter how
numerous, will be no match for the marshaled squares of Ar."

"My child is hungry," she said. "What do I care for the banners of Ar or Cos?"

"Are you companioned?" I asked.

"I do not know and longer," she said.

"Where are the men?" I asked.

"Gone," she said. "Fled, driven away, killed. Many were impressed into service. They are gone, all of them are gone."

"What happened here?" I asked.

"Foragers," she said. "They came for supplies, and men. They took what we had. Then they burned the village.

I nodded. I supposed things might not have been much different if the foragers had been soldiers of Ar. Mercenaries of Gor, page 17

It was now growing dark along the road. Here and there back from the road, on one side or the other, there were small camps of free women. In
some of them there were tiny fires lit. Some small shelters had been pitched, too, in some of these camps, little more the tarpaulins or blankets
stretched over sticks. Sometimes some of the women about these tiny fires stood and watched us as we rolled past. I recalled the free woman I had
met last night in her hut. She had not come down to the wagons as far as I knew. We had left some more food with her, and had tied a golden tarn
disk of Port Kar, from my wallet, in the corner of the child's blanket. With that, she might buy much. Too, with it, or its residue, she might be able to
make her way to a distant village, far from the trekking of armies, where she could use it as a bride price, using it, in effect, to purchase herself a
companion, a good fellow who could care for herself and her child. Peasants, unlike women of the cities, tend to be very practical about such matters.
Mercenaries of Gor, page 40

I regarded the women. For the past weeks, they had been going about their business, ignorantly, naively, unsuspectingly, totally unaware of how
they might be included as humble objects in the plans of masters. Doubtless, they had given much attention to the matters of their day, to their
various competitions, pursuits, vanities, occupations and concerns. All that time they did not know that already, in dried, indelible ink, their names were
recorded on seizure lists. I observed them. They knelt, chained. On the upper portion of the left breast of each was a number. It was the number
which had followed their name on the seizure lists. That number was theirs. It had been theirs for weeks. But only now, to their horror, did they learn
so, and find it literally inscribed on their bodies. Mercenaries of Gor, page 138-139

To be sure, she did face danger, as she was free. Free women, being persons, are far more likely to be killed then slaves, who are animals. Sackers,
for example, particularly when the blood list has passed from them, would not likely to slay slaves, assuming they are docile and desperately pleasing,
any more than kaiila. They would simply appropriate them for their own. Renegades of Gor, page 130  

"The slavers are out there, somewhere, aren't they?" she asked.

"Yes," I said.

"With their cages, and chains, and wagons," she said.

"Yes," I said.

"For hundred of pasangs about," she said, "women will be cheap for months."

"Perhaps," I said. Renegades of Gor, page 212

I saw one free woman backed against the wall, a sword at her belly. Then she pulled her robes away from her shoulders and breasts, and then, a
moment later, at an impatient movement of the sword, which made her wince, thrust them down over her hips, and let them slip to her knees. They
she straightened up. The sword was then again at her belly, only now it was bated to the sharpened steel. She turned her head to the side in misery,
in terror, being assessed. Then at a movement of the blade, and ordered, doubtless, she looked at the fellow. It seemed then she was suddenly
startled. Then she began to tremble. I had little doubt she had seem in him her master. It is an interesting moment for a woman, the first time she
finds herself looking as a slave into the eyes of her master. She quickly knelt, as though fearful pf displeasing him. I saw her turned about, rudely and
thrust up, closely against the wall. Her hands were bound behind her. She was leashed. I saw more than one female slave, kneeling before a Cosian,
her hands fastened behind her, put her head far back, to facilitate the insertion of the nose ring. I saw a free woman, similarly kneeling, similarly
bound, watch this in terror, and then quickly and exactly, imitate the action of the slaves. Renegades of Gor, page 320

Across from us, about seven feet away, on the other side of the narrow street, was the free woman who had secured her robes, that they might not
touch an Initiate. She rose to her feet, looking after the procession. We could still hear the bells. The smell of incense hung in the air. Near the free
woman was a female slave, in a short gray tunic. She, too, had been caught, like Phoebe, in the path of the procession. She had knelt with her head
down to the street, the palms of her hands on the stones, making herself small, in a common position of obeisance. The free woman looked down at
her. As the girl saw she was under the scrutiny of a free person she remained on her knees. “You sluts have nothing to fear,” said the free woman to
her, bitterly, “It is such as I who must fear.” The girl did not answer. There was something in what the free woman had said, though in the frenzy of a
sacking, the blood of the victors racing, flames about, and such, few occupations of a fallen city. I supposed, either free or slave, were altogether safe.
“It will only be a different collar for you,” said the free woman. The girl looked up at her. She was a lovely slave I thought, a red-haired one. She kept
her knees tightly together before the free woman. had she knelt before a man she would probably have had to keep them open, even if they were
brutally kicked apart, a lesson to her, to be more sensitive as to before whom she knelt. “Only a different collar for you!” cried the free woman, angrily.
The girl winced, but dared not respond. To be sure, I suspected, all things considered, that the free woman was right. Slave girls, as they are domestic
animals, are, like other domestic animals, of obvious value to victors. It is unlikely that they would be killed, any more than tharlarion or kaiila. They
would be simply chained together, for later distribution or sale. Then the free woman, in fury, with her small gloved hand, lashed the face of the slave
girl, back and forth, some three or four times. She, the free woman, a free person, might be trampled by tharlarion, or be run through, or have her
throat cut, by victors. Such things were certainly possible. On the other hand, the free women of a conquered city, or at least the fairest among them,
are often reckoned by besiegers as counting within the yield of prospective loot. Many is the free female in such a city who has torn away her robes
before enemies, confessed her natural slavery, disavowed her previous masquerade as a free woman, and begged for the rightfulness of the brand
and collar. This is a scene which many free women have enacted in their imagination. Such things figure, too, in the dreams of woman, those doors to
the secret truths of their being. Players of Gor, page 18-19

On the other hand, it should also be understood that the free women of a conquered city, or territory, if spared, are also commonly understood as,
and ranked as, in their own minds and in that of the conquerors, as loot. It is one thing, of course, for a fellow in a flaming city to throw a woman
against a wall and tear off her clothes and then, if her likes her, keep her, and quite another for the women of a conquered city, levied, and in the
name of reparation, atonement, and such, to line up for their assessment.

“Yes,” said Talena, “she is chosen.” Another woman then, a blonde, was manacled, brought down the ramp and, by me, added to the chain.

The rumor was that Cos had set the first levy on free females from Ar at only ten thousand. If one supposes, as a conservative estimate, that there
were now some two million native citizens of Ar, and that half of them, say, are female, then the levy on free females in Ar was thus only about one in
every one hundred. To be sure, this was merely the first levy. It was difficult to estimate the numbers of female slaves seized by Cos, just as the
number of verr and such. There were apparently levies for such slaves but, as certain forms of looting and taxation, they were not much publicized.
Such slaves, like jewelry, Torian rugs, silver plate, verr, and such, tended to be seized largely as a result of house-to-house searches. More than once
I had seen a begging, tearful slave town from the arms of a beloved master, to be bound and led away on a Cosian leash. Similarly there were
numerous confiscations of slaves. Players of Gor, page 154

Interestingly they ((the captives)) were all free women. At the time I did not realize how unusual that was, not knowing at that time that 'slave
strikes" are almost always directed against slaves. This was the result, as it turned out, I would later learn, of a special situation. It was a response to
a presumed insult on the part of an administrator of a distant city, something to the effect that those of this city, something to the effect that those of
this city, whose name I did not yet know, were at best cowards and petty thieves, capable of no more then making off with an occasional slave.
Accordingly that city, smug in its supposed security, had been saved for last, for the final strike of the expedition. The result of the administrator's
indiscreet remark was that now more than four hundred of that city's free women, almost all of high caste as it turned out, were now on their knees,
shackled, on the docking area. Witness of Gor, page 420  

I then, to my horror, saw a woman pulled forth from the group. It was a woman! She, too, in a moment, was put to the sword.


I saw another man put to the sword, then another woman.


A free woman was seized by the hand, and drawn forward, out of the group, to be flung on her knees before the officer. I saw her look wildly to her
right, to the wall, where the slaves were, as she was dragged forward. Then she was on her knees, It was she whom I had first seen being dragged
by the hair toward the center of the terrace. A moment later I saw a sword raised over her head." No!" she screamed. I could hear her even at the
wall. She tore down her robes from her shoulders, thrusting them down over her hips, even onto her calves. "I am a slave!" she screamed, "I am a
slave!" The sword wavered, then lowered. The officer pointed to the wall. The female rose up sobbing, and began to run toward the wall. A command
arrested her and she stopped, She had not removed her slippers. She kicked them off and then ran to the wall, to kneel there, trembling. The slave
girls drew away from her. They feared her, as she must surely be a free woman.

"I too am a slave!" cried out another woman in the crowd. It was she whom behind led at the intruder's hip, the second woman who had been
brought to the center of the terrace. She too tore down her robes, those near her in the group pulled back, isolating her. So she knelt naked in her
heap of robes, in a small open space in the group. AN impatient gesture from the commander of the intruders ordered her, too, to the wall. Frenziedly,
she pulled off her slippers and ran to the wall, to huddle there with the other woman. Four more women, too, then, proclaiming themselves slaves,
purchased thusly their release from the group and, in rutn commanded, fled to the wall.

Later after it was safe...

One of the free women went from the wall, to recover her clothing. It was in the hands of one of the men from the group. But he did not give it to her.
She looked at him, startled. His eyes were terrible. He pointed to the wall. Frightened, she shrank back, before him. He pointed to the ground, by the
wall. She knelt. He pointed to the ground, angrily. Then she lay there by the wall, frightened, on her belly. Another woman who had risen up from
where she had been by the wall and had begun back to retrieve her clothing was being dragged back, naked, by the hair. She was then brutally
thrown against the wall. She was then beside it, down on her right knee, next to it, the palms of her hands on it. And then she sank down beside it,
on her knees, her hands on her thighs. Her right side was to the wall. She looked back over her left shoulder, frightened, at the man who had
returned her to the wall. Another woman leaped up, bit the fellow blocked her way. She stood before him. She regarded him, angrily. Bit then her lips
began to tremble. Then she backed away from him, a foot. Then, suddenly, her head was snapped to the side, lashed to the side by the back of his
hand. She spun about and fell against the wall. She was them on her knees by the wall. She looked up at him. There was blood at the side of her
mouth. She remained on her knees. He looked down upon her. She crept closer to the wall. The six women who had proclaimed themselves slaves
then huddled there, together, against the wall. Men stood about. They would remain, for the time, where they were. The slave girls edged father
away, to be sure, there remained, too, substantially where they were, at the wall, where the intruders had placed them.


"There is the matter of the free women," said another man to the officer.

"Yes," said the officer.

"There are six of them," said the man. He was one of the civilians who had stood guard over the women, keeping them at the wall.

The women looked up, frightened, the torchlight revealing them. Some tried to cover themselves.


"What is to be done with them?" asked a man.

"They have proclaimed themselves slaves," said the officer. "Let them be slaves." Witness of Gor, quotes from the pages 479 to 493
Quotes of Free women in times of War