particular those of a girl, who must be protected and cared for? Could it be that I had, as the Codes of my Caste recommended, not
even considered her, but merely regarded her as a rightless animal, no more than a subject beast, an abject instrument to my
interests and pleasures, a slave? Priest-Kings of Gor, page 47, 48

I am of the Caste of Warriors, and it is in our codes that the only death fit for a man is that in battle, but I can no longer believe that
this is true, for the man I met once on the road to Ko-ro-ba died well, and taught me that all wisdom and truth does not lie in my
own codes. Priest-Kings of Gor, page 14

Yet such times are good in the life of a warrior, times to be alone, to think.
He who cannot think is not a man, so saith the codes. Yet neither, too, they continue, is he who can only think. Vagabond of Gor,
page 65

"Hear," said Labienus to his men. "He is of the Warriors."
"He says he is," said a fellow, glumly.
"What is the 97th Aphorism in the Codes?"inquired Labienus.
"My scrolls may not be those of Ar, "iI said. To be sure, the scrolls should be, at least among the high cities, in virtue of conventions
held at the Sardar Fairs, particularly the Fair of En´Kara, much in agreement.
"Will you speak?" asked Labienus.
"Remove the female," I said.
"He is a Warrior," said one of the men.
One of the men lifted the bound Ina in his arms, one hand behind the back of her knees, and the other behind her back, and carried
her from where we were gathered. In a few moments he returned.
"The female is now out of earshot? "inquired Labienus, staring ahead.
"Yes," said the fellow, "and she will stay where I left her, on her back, as I tied her hair about the base of a stout shrub."
"The 97th Aphorism in the Codes I was taught," I said, "is in the form of a riddle: "What is invisible but more beautiful than
"And the answer?" inquired Labienus.
"That which is silent but deafens thunder."
The men regarded one another.
"And what is that?" asked Labienus.
"The same," said I, "as that which depresses no scale but is weightier than gold."
"And what is that?" asked Labienus.
"Honor," I said.
"He is of the Warriors," said a man. Plenius turned away, stricken. Vagabond of Gor, page 305
They did so. I was now pleased that they did this. I was not certain, really, of the responses of Marcus. He was not a fellow of
Earth, but a Gorean. Too, he was of the Warriors, and his codes, in a situation of this sort, their weapons drawn, entitled him, even
encouraged him, to attack, and kill. Players of Gor, page 169
The distinction, of course, is between belonging to the caste of slavers and being a slaver. Whereas members of the caste of
slavers are slavers, not all slavers are members of the caste of slavers. For example, I am not of the slavers, but in Port Kar I am
know as Bosk, and he known as many things, among them pirate and slaver. Too, both Marcus and myself were of the warriors, the
scarlet caster, and as such were not above taking slaves. Such is not only permitted in the codes, but encouraged by them.  "The
slave is a joy and a convenience to the warrior." Neither of us, of course, was a member of the caste of slavers. It, incidentally, is
sometimes regarded as a subcaste of the merchants, and sometimes as an independent caste. It does have its own colors, blue
and yellow, whereas those of the merchants are yellow and white, or gold and white. Players of Gor, page 315
I took no note of the raised staff. I could, of course, at that point, have killed him. Players of Gor, page 315
Warriors, it is said in the codes, have a common Home Stone. Its name is battle. Renegades of Gor, page 343
"You have drawn a weapon against me," I said.
"You  are of the warriors?" said the fellow. He wavered. He, too, knew the codes.
"Yes," I said.
"And he?" asked the fellow.
"He, too," I said.
"You are not in the scarlet," he said.
"True," I said. Did he think that the color of a fellow's garments was what made him a warrior? Surely he must realize that one not
of the warriors might affect the scarlet, and that one who wore the grimed gray of the peasant, one barefoot, and one armed only
with the great staff, might be of the scarlet caste. It is not the uniform which makes the warrior, the soldier. Magicians of Gor, page

The Code of the warriors, in general, characterized by a rudimentary chivalry, emphasizing loyalty to pride chiefs and the home
stone. It is harsh, but with a certain gallantry, a sense of honor that I could respect. A man could do worse then live by such a code.
Tarnsman of Gor, page 41

In the codes of the warriors, there is a saying; "Be strong, and do as you will. The swords of others will set you your limits."
Marauders of Gor, page 10

"Within the circle of each man's sword," say the codes of the warrior, "therein is each man a Ubar,"
"Steel is the coinage of a warrior," say the codes, "With it he purchases what pleases him." Marauders of Gor, page 10

Warriors, it is said in the codes, have a common Home Stone. Its name is battle. Renegades of Gor, page 343

"I am a warrior," said the young man proudly.
Kamchak signaled the archers and they came forward, their arrows trained on the young man. He then threw, one after another, a
dozen bags of gold to the floor.
"Save your gold, Tuchuk sleen," said the young man. " I am a warrior and I know my codes." Nomads of Gor, page 315

"I can force you to take me," she said. "How?" I asked. "Like this," she responded, kneeling before me, lowering her head and lifting
her arms, the wrists crossed. She laughed, "Now you must take me with you or slay me," she said, "and I know you cannot slay
me.! I cursed her, for she took unfair advantage of the Warrior Codes of Gor. Tarnsman of Gor, page 109

"Yield her ot I will have my tharlarion trample you," he snapped, "or would you prefer to be spitted on my lance?"
"You know the codes," I said evenly. "If you want her, you must challenge for her and meet me with the weapon of my choice."
The warrior's face clouded, but only for an instant. He threw back his fine head and laughed, his teeth white in his bushy beard.
"Done!" he cried, fastening his lance in its saddle sheath and slipping from the back of the tharlarion. "I challenge you for her!"
"The sword," I said.
"Agreed," he said Tarnsman of Gor, page 117

"Flee!" she said.
"I am of the Warriors," I said.
"But you may die," she said.
"That is acknowledged in the codes," I said.
"What are the codes?" she asked.
"They are nothing and, and everything," I said. "They are a bit of noise, and the steel of the heart. They are meaningless, and all
significant. They are the difference. Without the codes men would be Kurii.
"Kurii?" she asked.
"Beasts, such as ice beasts, and worse," I said. "Beasts such as the face you saw in the sky."
"You need not keep the codes," she said.
"I once betrayed my codes," I said, "It is not my intention to do so again." I looked at her. "One does not know, truly what it is to
stand, until one has fallen. Once one has fallen, then one knows, you see, what it is to stand."
"None would know if you betrayed the codes," she said.
"I would know," I said, "and I am of the Warriors."
"What is it to be a warrior?" she asked.
"It is to keep the codes," I said. "You may think that to be a warrior is to be large, or strong, and to be skilled with weapons, to
have a blade at your hip, to know thge grasp of the spear, to wear the scarlet, to know the fitting of the iron helm upon one's
countenance, but these are things that are not truly needful; they are not, truely what makeds one man a warrior and another
not.Many men are strong, and large, and skilled with weapons. Any man might place upon his brow the helm of iron. But it is not the
scarlet, not the steel, not the helm of iron which makes the warrior." SHe looked up at me. "It is the codes'" I said.
"Abandon your codes," she said.
"One does not speak to slaves of the codes," I said. Beasts of Gor, page 340
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This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of view.
Woman of Gor
Codes of the Warrior

Marlenus looked down at me. "What can you, a simple
tarnsman, know of these things?" he asked. "But I,
Marlenus, though a warrior, was more than a warrior,
always more than a warrior. Where others could see
no more than the codes of their castes, where others
could sense no call of duty beyond that of their Home
Stone, I dared to dream the dream of Ar-- that there
might be an end to meaningless warfare, bloodshed,
and terror, an end to the anxiety and peril, the
retribution and cruelty that cloud our lives - I dreamed
that there might arise from the ashes of the
conquests of Ar a new world, a world of honor and
law, of power and justice." Tarnsman of Gor, page155

The ethical teachings of Gor, which are independent
of the claims and propositions of the Initiates, amount
to little more than the Caste Codes - collections of
sayings whose origins are lost in antiquity. I was
specially drilled in the Code of the Warrior Caste.
Tarnsman of Gor, page 40, 41

Had I now become so much the Gorean warrior that I
could disregard the feelings of a fellow creature, in
Warriors of Gor
Codes of the Warriors