would have to be insane to free such a woman. Would it not be madness to let such beauties, kneeling before you, out of your
collar? A Gorean saying, of the second knowledge, has it that a steel collar locked on the throat of an Earth woman is perfect. If you
should be a female, and are reading this, and should be so unfortunate as to be taken to Gor as a slave, do not hope for freedom;
rather learn your lessons swiftly and well, and resign yourself to the service of masters; fight your collar, if you wish, but in the end it
will do you no good, you are slave. Explorers of Gor page 29

“The name ‘Janice", on Gor, is a slave name, isn´t it?” asked the girl.
“Yes,” I said. “Do you object?”
“No, Master,” she said. “I find that delicious, and wholly appropriate.”
She leaned to me, her hands tied behind her back, and kissed me, gently.
“Let us rest now, Slave Girl,” I said.
“Yes, Master,” she said. Explorers of Gor , chapter 34

Earth names are given to Gorean female slaves. They are almost uniformly regarded as suitable slave names. Similarly, girls who
wear them are taken to be slaves. IT is sometimes amusing to Goreans when an Earth girl shows up in a Gorean market, insisting
that her name is such and such, a name taken on Gor to be a slave name. It was though they were confessing to their bondage. She
may be given a name afresh, but now to be worn as a slave name chosen by her master, or, sometimes, presumably that she may
better understand her dependence on men’s will, and her subjection to male domination, she may be given another Earth-girl name.
Mercenaries of Gor, page 323

"Her name is 'Candice', " I said, reading the cage card. "That is an Earth-girl name. Is she an Earth girl?"

"No," said my hostess. "She is from Tabor. We thought it a lovely name. We put it on her.

I nodded. It was a lovely name. If any girl were to appear on Gor with such a name, of course, she would be immediately taken to be
a slave, and would be treated as such. She would soon be in a collar. Her fate would be bondage. Mercenaries of Gor, page 340

More often than they, for example, we would be put in earrings, which here is regarded, interestingly enough, as an almost
consummate degradation of a woman. similarly, another indication of our status here is that, occasionally, one of our names, an
Earth-girl name, would be bestowed on a girl of this world, as a punishment, usually a temporary one, indicating that she was now
to be regarded as one of the lowest of the low. Dancer of Gor , chapter 5

… Four-three–seven, that is your capture name, and you will think of yourself only as that. You may not inquire as to the former
names of others nor reveal to them, even of they should ask, your own. Similarly, you may not make inquiries pertaining to suck
things as their families, stations and castes, nor reveal to others, even if asked any such information pertaining to you. You are
merely, and simply,  the captive Four-three-seven. Mercenaries of Gor, page 135, 136

“'Ina',” I said, “that could be the name of a slave.” Such names, 'Ina', 'Ita', 'Tuka', 'Tula', 'Di', 'Lita' and such, are common slave
names. They, and many such names, are worn by hundreds of women in bondage. Earth-girl names, such as 'Shirley', 'Linda', 'Jane,'
and such, are also commonly used as slave names. One girl, of course, may, from time to time, have many different names, according
to the whim of her master, or masters. She is a domestic animal, to be named as the master pleases.
“That is no slave,” said a fellow.
“No,” laughed another, perhaps ruefully.
“That is Ina, Lady of Ar,” said a man, “attached to the staff of Saphronicus, a political observer, said to be a confidant of, and to
report to, the Lady Talena, of Ar, herself.” Vagabonds of Gor , page 98

She was in chains. Though the girl loves her master with all her heart and would never dream of fleeing from him, absurd though
such a dream might be of Gor, given the branding, the collaring, the closeness of the society, and such, she knows that is is upon
occasion to be put in chains. In this act is symbolized his desire of her, that she is worth chaining and keeping. And in this act is
symbolized his power over her. Despite their love, she is still his slave. Renegades of Gor, page359

The commonness of names is even more acute with slave names. For example, common slave names on Gor are Tuka, Lana, and
Lita. There are probably hundreds of girls on Gor answering to those names, and others, almost as familiar, which are similarly
luscious. Earth-girl names, incidentally, as is well known, are often used on Gor as slave names. Players of Gor, page 103

There are names, of course, which are common both to this world and my old world, which suggests interesting questions of
etiology. Similarly there are some names on this world which are on free woman but which are also, often, found on slaves. One such
is 'Dina'. It is not unusual fir a name on this world, incidentally, to be put on an Earth girl brought here. This is nor entirely, unnatural,
of course, as such names are often beautiful, and naturally, more familiar to the masters. Witness of Gor, page 193
All rights reserved.
This research is done on the series of books written by John Norman, the comments in italics are mine and my point of
view. Woman of Gor
Slave Names on Gor
Feminine first names of Earth are often used on Gor as
slave names. Sometimes they are even given to slave
girls of Gorean origin. They tend to excite masters, and
often improve the girl's price. The origin of the custom
is probably a simple one. Most girls brought to Gor are
brought as slaves, It is thus natural that their original
names be regarded as the names of slaves. Many
Goreans, even those educated to the second
knowledge, that afforded the higher castes, find it
hard to believe that the delicious Earth women who
show up in markets could possibly have been free on
their native world. They are just too obviously
marvellous slave meat. "If they were free, they should
not have been," say many Goreans. "At any rate,"
they add, "they are now in the collar where they
belong, and they will stay there!"
It is true, incidentally, that a girl of Earth origin is
almost never freed on Gor. They are on the whole just
too wonderful, too desirable, to free. Perhaps one